there Saturday. If Mandi promised sex (and Mulrenin was some gullible old guy who never met a girl before), Mulrenin would not need to go through the drink-at-the-curb thing. They would just drive right in. And if Mandi didn't promise sex, and Mandi really was a stranger, there was nothing whatsoever to make Mulrenin believe some random 21-year-old in a BMW is going to come the whole way up I-4 and fall right into his "come upstairs for a minute" ploy. Mulrenin had to know her and not have been promised anything by her, the opposite of what Maletta claimed. When Mandi first heard about Maletta's claims, she was in isolation, half sedated on drugs, and in desperate misery. She said Maletta "said shit I didn't even say." As well as I can ever tell from just her tone that Mandi is telling the truth, Mandi was telling me the truth when she said that. Why not put me on the stand? Or if Mandi lied to me, then wouldn’t she also lie to a stranger in jail like Maletta? Did Maletta just make up that stuff about Mandi robbing johns? I think that was Mandi's reputation among the "mean girls" in the jail. I warned Mandi in January of 2017 not to say things to sound like she was tougher than she was, or those jealous bitches would use it against her. Mandi refused to talk to me for a year after she got arrested at my house, even when I was putting hundreds on her jail commissary account. Finally in May of 2017 she called me, and I paid for her lawyer. But she didn't tell the girls in jail she fucked me 57 times. She told them I was some stupid old guy whom she basically tricked and took my money. Sugar babies and girls who cheat on their boyfriends are looked down on in the jail. After the girls in jail read the newspaper stories, Mandi was famous. Girls would come in and spend the night in jail, and they would see the little blonde girl who murdered the strip club manager. They would say "Are you the one who murdered the strip club manager?" And it is my theory that Mandi would say yes. Because she often asked if I could mail more pictures of her. Because she met friends in jail who wanted a picture of her to keep. I think they wanted the pictures not because they were friends, but because Mandi was a famous murderer. So I stopped mailing them. It was August or September 2017, around the time of the hurricane, Mandi called me from jail. And she started saying mean things, like I was too old to have sex and I was so old I needed Depend adult diapers. And I could tell there were girls listening in the background and she was putting on a show of being mean to me. Because it was embarrassing for her that she had to depend on an old sugar daddy giving her money for sex. And she would prefer they think she bullied me and robbed me, than that she had sex with me for money. Me or Mulrenin. Then Maletta got arrested and came into the Seminole County jail on September 13, 2017. So she was either one of the girls who was listening in the background when Mandi said she tricked me and took advantage of me, or she heard it from another girl who was. Mandi kept it a deep dark secret that she liked Mulrenin and cheated on Scott. And the girls in jail thought she really was swindling old guys, in my case $100,000 for her lawyer, an amount large enough to drive a year of gossip among broke girls in jail. Maybe Mandi told the girls in jail "This guy thinks he is going to get sex for paying for my lawyer. But he is not." Reality was the opposite. Mandi did not want me to pay, for fear I would demand something in return. You can spend 1000 hours reading what I have written here, and go look at all the evidence, and you tell me if Maletta is telling the truth that Mandi confessed to her. The jury is expected to figure stuff out like this after hearing about it once. And with 99% of what I have written here hidden from them based on the rules of evidence. And then sent into a room to remember and sort out everything they just heard. It is a designed scam, to give the jury mindbenders which no honest person can really expect them to sort out and make sense of. It is just a scam to insinuate guilt and confuse the jury. The jury never guesses that the prosecution is allowed to knowingly put liars in front of them with no possible penalty, and neither the judge nor the legislature nor the voter would stop it, even when they know that is exactly what is going on. And you are not allowed to tell the jury that. Rather, the law requires you suggest to the jury that they are the first person to ever wonder if the jailhouse witnesses might be lying. IV-21