5. KAYLEE SIMMONS - 2017 to 2019 Kaylee Simmons was the 20,000th person to accuse Mandi Jackson of having GHB. The previous 19,999 were wrong. In all my time in Miami and Orlando, I have never even heard of anyone having GHB. Guys would drug girls every night on Ocean Drive in Miami. You would see girls stumbling along the sidewalk, with two or three guys following halfway up the block. A handsome rich kid with a Ferrari even tried to drug my niece. But that was rohpynol. These places are full of meth, cocaine, heroin, pills, mushrooms, LSD. But I never heard of anyone in Florida having GHB. Kaylee Simmons had five felony convictions. She was facing up to life in prison, starting from age 18. Though realistically she probably would have only got 10 1/2 years. Another girl in jail told her she could get a lower sentence if she got "information" about other people’s cases. Kaylee also heard from Mandi about how Julie Madara made up a completely wrong story about Mandi to get a sentence reduction. Kaylee offered the prosecution "information" on a total of four cases. One, Tina Poirier, told Mandi that Kaylee read her police report in her cell. Another involved Kaylee's co-defendant. His lawyer told Mandi's lawyer Bark that at her deposition, he caught Kaylee lying "50 times, 50 different ways." Kaylee told Mandi that Kaylee was lying about what her own co-defendant did, to seem innocent. Kaylee knew from her own case what it would take to tie a young girl to what a guy did. Another of the four cases Kaylee claimed to have "information" about was settled before Kaylee testified. At the end of it, Kaylee got a 6 1/2 year sentence. Mandi told me Kaylee has like a mental disability. She can't say certain words like "enemy" or "facade." And her mom is a drug addict and her uncle(?) raped her when she was a tot. I talked to Kaylee on the phone once or twice, and there was something off like she is half retarded. Like she can remember the minute and second she was born, but has no idea what humor is. She says she was born in Palm Beach and grew up near Orlando. But her accent and way of talking is something so backwoods and provincial and just creepy, it could not even really exist except in a mov1e. Kaylee is also proud of being a lesbian, and extremely violent. Like she just cuts loose and starts violently beating on people in every jail they put her in. It has nothing to do with her being a trafficking victim, her brain is just wired up wrong. It's sad and unfortunate. She is on her own planet. The creepiest moment in Mandi's trial was when they put Kaylee up there in like John Lennon glasses. Jail has not treated her well. She is probably on meds, and she looks like she is 16 going on 60. She looked blankly out of those crazy glasses and said "I’ve been my whole life in here! " This was around Halloween, and she was creepier than any haunted house character. Kaylee knows she is a zoo animal. All the defendants in Seminole County are. Kaylee said her goal in life was "to be an independent woman." Like she heard that line somewhere and was reciting it, with no idea what it meant or what planet she was on. It was just sad to see the prosecutors drag this little brain patient around in chains, and coerce her to lie for their amusement like a monkey. Kaylee said so many things about Mandi's case that make no sense, I could write a whole book about it. It was like she was talking about an imaginary friend, not Mandi. But rather than rewrite the entire book here, I will give you a sampling of what Kaylee originally claimed on tape Mandi told her, right after she claimed Mandi confessed to her. KAYLEE: The plan was for Scott Love to come in apartment and rob the manager Did you know in Seminole County, carjackers can get out of prison just by saying fourteen words? KAYLEE: Scott Love drove Mandi Jackson to the Dollhouse Love has no car, no license, and literally cannot drive. He has tickets for improper backing, for crashing in his own driveway, and crashing a motorcycle a block from his house. Mandi is a former amateur cart racer with the top lap time at K1 Speed who owns her own BMW. Gorewitz watched Jackson arrive at Dollhouse, park, and walk in, and IV-21