Mandi tells all the girls in jail that I once gave her $15k cash, which I absolutely did not. So when this girl got out of Orange County jail, she was visiting all her sugar daddies one-by—one who supported her when she was in jail. And she was texting me every day from a different guy's phone asking for money. I guess she didn't see any need to have her own phone. Back when she was in jail, she once asked me to call some guy Leroy who pretends to be a pimp. He is probably an accountant or something. So she is out of jail texting me from different guys' numbers, and finally she texts me from this guy Leroy’s number. She doesn't know I know his number. But I called it once, and he has a voicemail where he tries to sound as hood as possible, talking in like overdone jive ebonics. So she texted me from Leroy's number, and asked if I could order her a pizza, which I did do for Mandi once. This is a white girl who speaks perfect English like a news anchor. And of course her texts were in perfect English. So I texted back "I have no money. Doesn’t Leroy feed you?" She texted back "He aint wit me." I texted back "you never said ain’t before" and that is the last I heard from her for a while. Every girl at Dollhouse had a Leroy. This is the world Mulrenin lived in. It wasn’t like Miami where the guy was named Yuri and he was 1000 miles away in Brooklyn. This is Orlando where every Leroy lived a few minutes away. And all the Leroys knew Mulrenin, from seeing him standing outside the door at the end of the shift, glaring at whoever drove into the parking lot. Even when I would walk out into the parking lot, those other guys would be glaring at me. Because I knew some of those girls from outside the club. There was a guy who drove a cab staring at me, from the little blonde girl I mentioned who went Fatal Attraction after I bought one dance from her. So the strip-club parking lot in Orlando was a whole bunch of crazy jealous angry broke local guys staring at each other, while their bisexual girlfriends smoked weed and did what they pleased. Mandi may have been the best looking girl to ever not run the other way when Mulrenin breathed on her. But even the ugly ones had guys attached to them, big ugly guys. So when Mulrenin got into Mandi's car seat outside The Lofts that night, he immediately knew there had been a guy sitting in that seat. The passenger armrest was worn out and sticky. There was a drink in the passenger side cupholder. The seat was way back. It was cold in December, the seat may even still have been warm from Scott sitting in it. I have gotten in Mandi's passenger seat, and I immediately knew there had been a guy sitting there. Mulrenin has been way deeper in this business, for way longer than me. He has to know like tying his shoes when there is another guy around, which there always is. I don’t want to cause any trouble. I would shoot the other guy if he came to my house. But that is why Mandi never even knew my address for the first year, so that I did not have to worry about a guy coming to my house. And as soon as she did know my address, there was conflict and she was gone. Mulrenin invited conflict with the other guy. He was the big strip-club manager. He walked Mandi right across that parking lot and kissed her, and brought her right to his house. How is there any mystery, when Mulrenin is screwing the "Don’t Tread On Me" guy's girlfriend, and gets shot? The only mystery to me, is why Mulrenin didn't get shot sooner. II-35