17. SCOTT LOVE - Fall 2016 This guy was different. For the first time, someone had really put the bitch on lockdown. But I was determined to sabotage him, same as had been done to all the other guys, by either me or her mom. Looking at his court records, it seemed like this guy couldn't leave the house without fucking something up and getting arrested. He crashed his car backing out of the driveway. He got a ticket for improper backing. He crashed a motorcycle a block from his house. He waved a toy gun at someone. He also had a habit, in multiple police reports, of getting his girlfriends to take the blame. But I hadn't read that far yet. So all I had to do was get him out of the house, and he would fiick up and get arrested. And the key to getting him out of the house is getting her out of the house. Once she is out cheating on him and better-dealing him, he is going to lose his cool and lose his job and lose his mind the same as every other guy. He is going to have time on his hands, and he is going to start taking drugs or smoking weed again, maybe even selling it. And he is going to come out of the house, and get caught with weed in the car and go to prison. And that will be that. So I started trying to plant subversive ideas, to get Mandi out of the house. Tell her whatever she is doing is doomed to fail. Tell her she will lose Scott unless she becomes a bartender to support him. But when she turns 30 she will be too old to make enough money as a bartender, and it will all fall apart. It was not hard to come up with desolate, subversive things to say, ideas to plant, things to provoke him. But it was hard for me to find channels to say them, with a restraining order. I had been sending text messages, then her phone got shutoff. Her instagram was private, her facebook was secret. So I was limited in the types of messages I could send, or the people I could talk to whom she might talk to, to transfer the ideas secondhand like a virus. It was hard to gain points of contact, or find levers to pull, from behind a restraining order and not even knowing where she was. But it's not like she needs me to say desolate things. People are naturally nasty. Everyone will say “Your life plan to go to welding school or hang out with Scott Love is stupid.” Everyone will have their own ideas, their own opinions, to share with this impressionable young girl who is just learning to not be some guy's property. Mandi's mother noticed Scott was possessive. Every single time she went anywhere, Scott Love was with her. As a female, Mandi's mom thought it was beyond that level where it becomes unhealthy. There may have only been one person who was telling Mandi to stay with Scott Love, but it was the most important person: Her father. The first reasons why are obvious. Scott Love was Mandi's first boyfriend in however many years, who was both not black and within 10 years of her age. There was a second reason. When the restraining order went away, when I dropped those charges, Mandi's Dad was afraid she would come back to me. And he was afraid this time I really would kill her. So he literally needed Scott Love to protect her from me, and save Mandi's life. Mandi's dad needed three things that Scott Love seemed prepared to deliver: 1) Keep Mandi away from pimps 2) Keep Mandi away from drugs, 3) Above all, KEEP MANDI AWAY FROM VIOLENT PSYCHOPATH DAVID It was December. I came out of Dancers, did a U turn on Colonial, and went to Diamond on Semoran, where all the girls were ugly. I used Hofiier to cut over to Rachels, and the girls were all cackling harpies. I rode over to Stars and there were no girls at all. I cut through Rockwood to avoid a cop by the 7-11 on Hansel. I rode past Chris Dahl’s house and Mandi's car was there.