18. BREAKUP - December 2016 It was a long time coming. Something had finally cracked. She was out and about. Now you don’t know except that I am telling you here, Mandi Jackson likes Chris Dahl way better than she likes Scott Love (or me or anyone else). Always has, always will. He is the one who gave her sex "the way sex was meant to be." It's unfortunate that she likes Chris Dahl, and you might even say she is sick in the head for liking Chris Dahl, and its even hard to believe and hard to accept that she likes Chris Dahl. But she does. Trust me on this. He is miserable, and has a miserable dog and a miserable kid. That draws her to him. He is so miserable that on that first night, he wasn’t even sure if he was allowed to have sex with her. So I don’t know what she is doing at Chris Dahl's house on this day, or if Scott is with her or what. There were a lot of people there, a lot of motorcycles like a party. But I know this much: If she is at Chris Dahl’s house, something cracked. It's over. Whether Scott Love realizes it yet or not. Best thing for him would be to go home and just find some new skank. But things don’t end clean like that. They fight on their way down, like the drawn-out winding-down death of a spastic sea creature. Fuck, look at me, David. I'm still fucking Mandi's shit up five years after she made it clear she doesn't like me. Five years, 200 guys, 100 pounds, and two life sentences. Because she is a child. And just like how Mandi fucked strangers in Miami for the sake of a child, so does the fact that she is a child reach deep into my psyche. It was long overdue, and I don’t know what hand I had in it, but now this guy Scott Love is finally out of the house. His girlfriend is cheating on him, and it is just a matter of time before he does one of his fuckups. So I am checking the Orange County Jail website every morning and every night to see what it is going to be and when. And that's when I got a knock on my door.