20. SMOLAREK GUN - December 19, 2016 Smolarek claims to have found a cheap revolver, next to and under a pink bra, in Mandi's underwear drawer. She created a series of photos to tell a story of finding the gun there. The first photo shows an open drawer from a distance. It looks like there is maybe something in there just out of sight. The second photo is like she became curious and took a closer look. Finally you see a gun. Then she takes a picture with the gun in her hand. Wow, I just walked up to this open drawer and found a gun! The problem is this drawer was closed when Smolarek entered. By the time she takes the "approach" photo of the open drawer from a distance, she has already found the gun and seen it closeup. That is why she decides to step back, and contrive a storyboard, rather than photograph the gun when she first finds it. In the third photo, the gun is more concealed under a bra, than in the second photo. Smolarek arranged the bra to partially conceal the gun between the second and third photo. The gun goes from being next to a bra, to being under a bra. Even the pajamas under the gun have moved between the second and third photo. Is it hard to speculate maybe the gun wasn’t even next to the bra, before Smolarek started staging? Smolarek is not content to be an impartial scientist, to simply take pictures and document evidence as she actually finds it. Smolarek wants to tell a story of finding a gun under an item of clothes, that could only belong to a girl. She physically handles the evidence, and changes her pictures to tell a particular story, before she actually knows what happened, before the investigation is even complete. Mandi borrowed and bought clothes from Neisha Cintron the night Mulrenin died. What if Neisha Cintron's DNA was on the bra which Smolarek positioned to cover the gun? This may seem like a small thing, arranging clothes to stage a gun as if it is found partially hidden in them. But it is part of a larger pattern, of Smolarek staging key items of evidence. So who knows who put the gun in Mandi's drawer, or if Mandi even knew it was there. We know from Scott Love's past police reports where he blames things on girlfriends, from his leaving evidence at Mulrenin's house that Mandi was there, and from his taking Mandi to the pawn shop while his brother was in prison for taking stolen items to a pawn shop, that Scott Love wants to entangle Mandi so that she cannot go to the police. We know Love thinks he can hide that he was even there that night, and let Mandi take the blame, claim it was self defense or something. So Scott Love could have put the gun in Mandi's drawer. But we also know Sprague was nervous when his hard evidence fell apart, the imagined texting in the elevator, the hand-drawn map that turned out to look like a roommate situation totally unrelated to Mulrenin's apartment. Sprague did not have hard evidence on Scott Love being inside the apartment, and he was eager to put pressure on Mandi to blame Scott. From the moment they saw Scott on video at the Lofts with not a single video frame where Scott and Mandi are together, to coercing brain patient Kaylee Simmons to tell crazy stories with no bearing on reality, the entire effort has been to tie Mandi to what Scott did. So what Smolarek portrayed in the photo, that she approached an open drawer and found a gun partially concealed under a pink bra, clearly was staged by her to tell a story. That the bra was staged over the gun you cannot deny. How much else was staged, and how Smolarek really found the gun and where, we can never know. We do know Sprague was nervous that he did not have hard evidence on Scott Love, and he was eager to pressure Mandi to blame Scott. The revolver immediately looked a little staged to me. The one bullet missing told a simple story. Never mind the shell was also missing. Police never found that shell, in a car and room where obviously no trash had been thrown away in weeks. Scott Love supposedly left bloody gloves in the car, and brought home the murder weapon. But he thought the empty shell was the one thing in the entire case worth disposing of? David Harris of the Orlando Sentinel wrote an article available at the following link: https://www.orlandosentinel.com/news/breaking-news/os-jimmy-mulrenin-death-details-ZOl6122 8- story.html Nobody at the strip club called Mulrenin "Jimmy" and it wasn’t in any police report, or in the story itself. "Jimmy" is what his family calls him in Michigan. Except they spell it "Jimmie" so Harris seems to have heard it out loud. III - 67