Harris has a bio where, like Mulrenin, he likes to advertise being from Michigan. And they are men of a similar age. They are both night-owls who worked not too far apart. And I have additional information that Harris has a biased point of contact with Mulrenin's family. In his article, Harris states "Jackson, 21, was seen running away from Mulrenin's apartment and into her car one minute after a 911 call came in saying he had fallen". That is closer to the truth, that Jackson ran out 1 minute before, than what appeared in the arrest affidavit Harris’ story seems to be based on. Harris also stated in his article "A bullet casing and a knife also were found." It is reasonable to speculate a man who comes from Michigan and calls Mulrenin "Jimmy" has a direct source. This suggests police found the bullet shell at Mulrenin's apartment, told Harris or his contact about it, and threw it away when they discarded the sofa. The gun storyboard showed what was ultimately a strong pattern by Smolarek: 1) Take lots of wide and medium- angle general photos. 2) Take three or four closeup photos, focused on each item of interest, 3) Stage certain items, to tell a story you want it to tell. So most items are photographed as they are found. But some items Smolarek creates a storyboard of discovering the item, and staging the item, to tell the story she wants it to tell. Other things, like Mulrenin's second bed drawer, are probably photographed. But the photographs tell a story that is considered undesirable, and remain secret. So just because a gun was photographed under Mandi's bra, doesn't mean Mandi put it there, or she even knew it was there. The gun could have been found in a trashcan by the hispanic maintenance worker at The Lofts. Remember, Seminole County just had an epic public-relations disaster in the Clemente Aguirre-Jarquin case. The hispanic busboy who found the murder weapon was falsely convicted of murder and spent 10 years on death row, while the murderer got away. If Scott disposed of the gun before he got home - which anyone who just committed a murder would certainly do - and anyone but police found it, the defense could say it was contaminated, or someone else committed the murder, it would be worthless to them. So the gun was photographed in Mandi's drawer, with zero DNA or fingerprints on it, not even partials, not even on the bullets inside the gun. In house search photo 83, you can see this old gun from the 1970's is polished so spotless, it reflects its surroundings perfectly like a mirror. Remember, this is the gun that Scott supposedly held for 79 minutes during a tense, violent, bloody struggle that left him wearing gloves covered in blood. And there is no trace of a human on the gun. Then the jail doctor sedated Mandi, drugged her with four different psychotropic chemicals, to keep her from crying and screaming all day. And they kept her in isolation to pressure her to confess, and testify against Scott Love in a 25-year deal. She was so drugged up and sick by the time she went to trial, her lawyer was afraid to put her on the stand to say "I have no idea how a gun got in my drawer." III - 68