18. YOUNG GIRLS AND OLD MEN - December 2016 It reminds me of my first bird-watching success, when I spotted backpage.com small fish "Miss Arab" at the Ace Cash Express on 79th and Biscayne. I got in line behind her to confirm the sighting. She was on the phone. I overheard "I just finished with him, he's gone. I'm just putting some money on my card so I can pay for my ad. And then I am going to treat myself. I don’t owe nobody nothing." When Mandi walked out of there, she didn't owe Mulrenin nothin’. Mulrenin knew she had a boyfriend. He knew she was cheating on the boyfriend to be with him. She did exactly what Mulrenin wanted her to do. And if the guy came knocking, and Mulrenin blew up at him with his temper and got shot in the leg, that is what Mulrenin signed up for. Mandi could have got shot also. You say wait he was murdered, doesn't Mandi owe him to report that? Mandi told her mom on a phone call, that Mulrenin jumped totally unexpectedly, completely out of the blue. Given his drugs and medical condition, it is entirely possible he fell. And if Mandi believes he died from falling or from his own baseless decision, then she doesn't think there is any murder. Mandi's only known statement on Mulrenin going over the balcony, is that it was unexpected and without provocation. And there certainly was no plan for a robbery, just a fight between two guys with short tempers. So does she report her boyfriend for getting into a fight, where she may feel she was a victim also, when it will at the very least make her homeless? How about when the last time she called the police on me, she is the one who ended up getting blamed and arrested? If Mandi believes Mulrenin died by accident, did Mulrenin really want the kind of girl who is on the phone with police over everything that happens? He is a coke addict with convictions for DUI, battery, racketeering and prostitution, a rape accusation, and a VOP. He did not bring home a girl because he thought she would be chatty with the police every time something strange happens. Would Mulrenin rather Mandi do what a nerdy girl does, and tell everyone this guy paid for sex with a hooker and did cocaine right before he died? Or would he rather she does what a hooker does, what all of his employees would do, and disappear and spend money on the credit cards? It's not like she is stealing from him if he is dead, or from anyone who will miss it. She thinks the money comes from magical credit card land that rich guys have bottomless access to. And by not telling anybody what really happened, Mandi enables Mulrenin's sister to carry on with her fantasy about what a wonderful man her brother was. Which is why Mulrenin picked Mandi, because she was absolutely toothless. When a boss makes an employee cheat on her boyfriend to come home with him, it is a little much to expect her to report her boyfriend to the police after the guy is dead, not her fault. Dead by accident or his own decision and action, from Mandi's point of view. Remember, witnesses called it in as a suicide. He was alone on the balcony. And he lingered long enough at the railing to for Russell Songer to say "Don’t jump, Don’t jump." Don’t expect to have an easy time getting the 911 call. There has been a concerted multi-year effort by everyone on the State’s side, to change and forget those facts. Every witness has been influenced by a motive to get justice for what they were told really happened. If you want to argue with the facts and paint it as something else with no evidence except what you manufacture years later, then just call it what it is, a railroad job. With evil people running over a young girl for sport. Guys spend our whole lives looking for a young girl dumb enough to let us stick our dick in her mouth, and then keep it shut afterwards. Finally we find one, and these assholes come and take her away. IV-95