19. LONG STORY SHORT - 2016 to 2019 Anybody can be accused of anything. All it takes is a cop dumb enough to completely ignore the facts. And if girls in jail can find out what she is accused of and claim she confessed, and jurors who don't care about the rules can find the word online that all the attorneys said didn't exist, then anybody can be convicted of anything, When paired with a video of that person using credit cards, and that word GHB. That is the standard of "proof“ for first-degree murder, for giving a 21-year-old girl the longest sentence in the history of crime. There is no evidence beyond what I just told you. And the jail girls were even proven to be liars. It was really just one word, "GHB." There was no video of Mulrenin sticking his dick in her mouth to pay the rent, just his DNA on her straw. Mandi Jackson was a teenage hooker set back a few years by a brain injury. She was trying to grow up into a normal person. But it was hard to unlearn the habits of trying to please every guy at once, cheating on her main caretaker, keeping secrets about a hidden life, and generally being taken advantage of by much older guys. She felt sexually healed by the substance "G" which is basically a placebo, because it made her feel like how she thought sex is supposed to be for a normal person, sex for her own indulgence, not serving a customer. G was her road to psychological recovery, a superstitious ritual to forget what guys with credit cards did to her, what I did to her 57 times. But because people are simpleminded, complete strangers assumed it was GHB, and Mandi Jackson was drugging people and taking advantage of them. It really is not more complicated than that. A dozen news stories on Google about how she was caught with $25,000 of date-rape drug, made people believe Mandi Jackson was victimizing people. But even before that when she was 20, the Department of Children and Families found my joke story believable, that she was victimizing her pimp almost twice her age. It may have been the used BMW he fmanced in her name. So a cop in Georgia mistook "G" for "the date rape drug," and the mob could never let it go until they gave her two life sentences. The primary inertia of the case was in two things that never happened: 1) Mandi was arrested for GHB 2) Scott showed up to a murder wearing gloves and booties And there were conspiracies of convenience. Both Detective Sprague and the drug dealers at the strip clubs wanted to erase that Mandi was there all week. Sprague wanted to hide that Mulrenin was shot and bled on the sofa and gloves before he went over, Scott wanted to hide that Mulrenin was shot at all. Both Scott and CST Smolarek needed the gun in Mandi's drawer, one to create a story that did not involve Scott, the other to force her to testify against Scott. You might say what happened is Mandi's fault for cheating with Mulrenin. Some people hate a slut and a cheater, almost as much as a date rapist. But Mulrenin was an equal party to the decision to cheat with Mandi. He knew she had a guy out there. This was not the first time he took advantage of a broke girl with a guy out there, it was more like the 1000th time. Mulrenin was a way more prolif1c pursuer of cheating hookups, over decades, than even Mandi could match. I know from my own relationships with strippers over the years: Slipping between broke guys and their girls can be a risky business. You have to be on guard all the time, or some jealous guy will get you. Eventually it catches up with you. Mandi did exactly what Mulrenin wanted her to do. But because she is an evil little two-timing slut who went fiom guy A to guy B and then back to guy A way too fast - as fast as only a stripper or strip-club manager in their strange ethical world could understand or relate to - they gave her two life sentences. And probably also because the jurors were jerks who didn't care about the rules, and had to amuse themselves IV-96