IV - 1
1. Jose Baez - December 2016 - page 2
2. Girls in Jail - 2016 to 2019 - page 6
3. Julie Madara - 2016 to 2019 - page 9
4. Maletta Young - 2017 to 2019 - page 18
5. Kaylee Simmons - 2017 to 2019 - page 23
6. The Four Motives - December 14, 2016 - page 34
7. Scott Love Morals - 1986 to present - page 39
8. Caught Red-Handed - January 2019 - page 41
9. Trial by Legal Secretary - 2019 - page 44
10. Kingdom of Liars - 2016 to 2019 - page 52
11. Trial Outtakes - 2019 - page 60
12. Christmas in Whoville - Summer 2019 - page 64
13. Mandi May Jury - October, November 2019 - page 68
14. The Small Details - December 2016 - page 73
15. The Big Picture Narrative - October, November 2019 - page 74
16. Jurors and Google - November 2019 - page 81
17. What Really Happened - December 14, 2016 - page 83
18. Young Girls And Old Men - December 2016 - page 97
19. Long Story Short - 2016 to 2019 - 98
20. Dead at 21 - 2100 - page 100
IV - 2
1. JOSE BAEZ - December 2016
One of the enduring features of the Seminole County jail is girls get to read stories about the other girls in jail, in the
newspaper. It is another example of shameless dishonesty, with no motive but to take the life of a young girl, that no
one will even admit this small persistent fact. Every person associated with Mandi's case, from state attorneys to
deputy sheriffs to jail employees to 15-time incarcerated felons, will tell you with a straight face that the jail
employees examine every newspaper thoroughly and removed every story that ever mentioned an inmate, so this
never happened.
The state attorney included as discovery, a recorded phone call from jail on December 30, 2016. In the phone call,
Mandi talks with her mother about stories about her own case, in the newspaper available inside the jail that day.
The state attorney also included as discovery, a recorded phone call from the jail where Julie Madara mentions
reading about another inmate in the newspaper. There were also stories in the newspaper when Mandi was in the
Orange County jail, when she was first arrested. Eventual jailhouse witness Kaylee Simmons swore that eventual
jailhouse witness Julie Madara was always the first to read the newspaper, where she could find the details of
allegations against other inmates.
In the December 30, 2016 phone call, Mandi and her mother were in a panic about the false accusations against
Mandi which were being spread online and in the newspaper. Mandi was crying out loud on the phone. The news
stories were read in jail by Julie Madara, who then made a false claim that Mandi confessed to the exact crime she
was accused of, but which there was no hard evidence of. What Mandi and her mother didn't know, is the false
accusations were provided to the newspaper by someone that had been paid to help Mandi, attorney Jose Baez.
The December 30, 2016 newspaper stories first appeared online on December 28 or 29, 2016. They had details and
images of Mandi's arrest affidavit, which I had just handed to the tattooed receptionist at the Orlando office of
attorney Jose Baez during my lunch break on December 28, 2016. Madara's claimed confession from Mandi
included multiple details from this arrest affidavit including 1) Mandi applied to Dollhouse based on somehow
knowing the amount of money Mulrenin would have in his pocket at the end of the night, and 2) Mandi was "in
contact" with Mulrenin in a struggle immediately prior to him going over the balcony.
The actions of attorney Jose Baez, to whom I gave my trust and my money, and who had a duty of care to Mandi,
led directly to Julie Madara's confession scam, and Mandi's resulting conviction and two life sentences.
I first contacted the Orlando office of Jose Baez within a few days of Mandi being arrested, probably around
Thursday December 22, 2016. The female I talked to gave me the name of a different female who would call me
back. The name of the second female was a short white-girl name like "Jen." After a few days I was finally able to
talk to that second female. Within two hours of talking to that employee of Jose Baez on the phone, there were
suddenly new news articles and blog posts about Mandi's case on the web, including one on caseyanthony.com.
At the time, I was a web and traffic and news and clicks junky. People had been paying me to put up new web sites,
and generate traffic for new web businesses, since 2001, going back to when the web was young and traffic was up
for grabs. When Mandi got arrested, I was sitting in front of a computer every waking minute of every day, working
on a contract for the oldest cloud-hosting company in Florida. I had been searching the web for news and pages with
Mandi or Scott or Mulrenin's name in them, approximately every 30 minutes since Mandi got arrested. As an expert
on web marketing and search-engine optimization, I was qualified to locate and make note of new web content
when it appeared, authoritatively and exhaustively.
At the time I began soliciting the Baez law firm, it was around a week after Mandi's arrest. Mandi's facebook had
been closed, and there had been no new online content with Mandi's name in it for days. When there are no new
stories or blogs for many days, and then one gets indexed by search engines as live user content at
caseyanthony.com within less than two hours of me talking to the female at the office of Jose Baez, I know the
female at the office of Jose Baez made the blogger at caseyanthony.com aware of the story. The business plan of
caseyanthony.com was to drive clicks based on content associated with legal activities of Jose Baez.
It is not clear to me that having blogs repeat the accusations against Mandi helped her case. And the evidence is that
IV - 3
it actually hurt her case by stirring up anger at Mandi based on false information.
After several calls to the Orlando phone number of Jose Baez, I was finally able to talk on the phone to the female
who was originally named as the appropriate contact who would call me back. She asked someone between phone
calls, and told me I think $120,000 as a ballpark estimate of what hiring Jose might cost. I think she was a little
vague at first around $100,000. Then she talked to someone and got a firm response. $120k was the firm number.
She said paying in installments was acceptable. I told her how much I would pay up front, and how long it would
take to pay the rest. Again she confirmed with someone else, and said this was acceptable, it was a standard
After talking to this female on the phone around December 26, 2016 about how much Jose Baez might charge, and
agreeing that I could pay it, I finally got an appointment for a consultation. She said I needed to pay $1000 in
advance to talk to Jose Baez. Though the other attorneys promoted by the Orlando office with his name on it, were
offering free consultations.
The reason I contacted Jose Baez was not because he got a not-guilty verdict for Casey Anthony, when she was
obviously guilty. I knew Mandi was not guilty. I contacted Jose Baez because after Casey Anthony, his career
strategy seemed to be only taking on cases where the defendant was not guilty or there was a reasonable doubt, to
pad and protect his record.
I was a high-tech stalker who often knew exactly what Mandi had been doing every day. I knew she was not guilty
of what she was accused of. I thought the difference between the outlandish accusations, and what actually
happened, was the ideal raw material for Jose Baez to continue to build his reputation. The difference between the
crazy accusations and the truth, would provide Jose with a lot of material to strut around and be zealous about, and
prevail in court.
I went to the Orlando office of Jose Baez on December 28, 2016, the day before my consultation, to pay the $1000.
I got a copy of the arrest affidavit from the Seminole Clerk of Courts, and brought it with me. I gave my copy to the
young tattooed female at the office of Jose Baez. I did this because she said it would be helpful to provide Jose
information on the case. Within hours of my leaving the office, the exact copy I left at the office of Jose Baez, with
the exact markings and orientation of the pages that came off the copy machine at the Seminole County courthouse,
appeared at WESH.com with a story titled something like "new details in the case."
There were no new public details in the case. The arrest affidavit had been available in person, through the court
clerk at the Seminole County criminal courthouse, for days. Court records were not available online until a few
months later.
And there had been no new web stories on Mandi's case for at least a few days, maybe a week. In fact, there had
been no new news stories since the first time I brought the case to the attention of the female on the phone at Jose's
office. So it is was obvious beyond any doubt that the female at Jose Baez's office scanned and emailed the arrest
affidavit I brought her, to WESH the second I walked out the door. They also somehow got it at a site called
lawnewz.com that immediately pushed a new story based on the arrest affidavit soon after I left their office.
After nothing for many days, there was an immediate flurry of news stories based on the arrest affidavit which I
brought to Jose Baez's office to help Mandi. It is not clear that promoting a bunch of news stories repeating the false
accusations helped Mandi. Based on people I have spoken to, it hurt her case.
The clerk at the Seminole courthouse printed the arrest affidavit on a printer behind the counter. She then redacted it
by hand, crossing out personal information with a pen, before she handed it to me. I gave that original copy to the
tattooed receptionist at the Orlando office of Jose Baez. After she scanned it in to email to Jose, I told her to keep
the original and give me a copy, to make sure it did not hurt his eyes to read a bad copy. So the copy I got was
produced from the same scan that she sent to the media. As a result, I was able to match the copies which
immediately appeared online to my own. My own copy matched the copies which appeared online not only based
on the flaws and markings from the Seminole courthouse, but based on the additional scanning artifacts produced at
the office of Jose Baez, the imperfections, and the angle of the lines relative to level.