III - 1
1. Zero Evidence - November 2019 - page 2
2. Arrest Affidavit - December 16, 2016 - page 4
3. Cell Tower Records - December 2016 - page 9
4. Police Report - January 2017 - page 16
5. Video General Appearance - December 2016 - page 23
6. Video and Discovery in Seminole - 2017, 2018, 2019 - page 28
7. Video Tampered - December, 2016 - page 31
8. Video Timestamps Deleted - page 32
9. Dog Walker Hidden - page 33
10. Video Not Disclosed - page 35
11. Video Timeline Impossible - page 39
12. Jacket Origin Uncertain - page 41
13. Timestamps Off 7 Minutes - page 42
14. Real Lofts Timeline - December 14, 2016 - page 45
15. Other Video - 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019 - page 48
16. Shot While Fleeing - December, 2016 - page 50
17. Smolarek Bullet Hole - December 2016 - page 54
18. Vehicle Warrant- December 19, 2016 - page 58
19. Smolarek Gloves - December 2016 - page 60
20. Smolarek Gun - December 2016 - page 67
21. Sum of Smolarek - 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019 - page 69
22. The Luring Narrative - 1980 to present - page 71
23. The Lying Sentinel - 2016 to present - page 72
III - 2
1. ZERO EVIDENCE - November 2019
I started this story when I walked out of a courtroom where a 24-year old girl received two life sentences, while she
made sounds like a dog stuck with an ice pick. In the end, the only evidence was:
1) Mandi Jackson had recently moved in with Scott Love after sleeping in her car, and there was a new facebook
page with a small following, seemed to be made for the purpose of saying they were in a relationship without her
friends seeing it.
2) Mandi Jackson went to work at The Dollhouse and went back to manager James Mulrenin's apartment for two
3) Scott Love was at Mulrenin's apartment at the same time Jackson was there, but phone and video records show
Jackson was never with Scott Love, or communicating with him at any point during the entire night.
4) James Mulrenin was out of his mind on drugs, was shot in the leg, and later went over the balcony.
5) Mandi Jackson and Scott Love used Mulrenin's credit cards together at Walmart a few hours later.
6) A gun which probably matched the bullet which shot James Mulrenin, was photographed in a drawer in Mandi's
house, next to a bra, but it is unsure who put it there.
Remember, the proof of the allegations is based entirely on knowing the contents of Mandi Jackson's mind. Nobody
made the claim in court that Mandi Jackson shot James Mulrenin in the leg. It is only alleged that she knew of a
plan to rob or injure James Mulrenin.
None of the evidence listed above proves the contents of her mind. There is no evidence Mandi Jackson ever
deviated from her long and compulsive pattern, of cheating on boyfriends with old guys for money, to relieve
anxiety over paying the rent. And you will see there are dozens of items of evidence, that suggest robbing James
Mulrenin could not have been in her mind.
There was also a long pattern of Mandi's boyfriends reacting in a variety of ways, from the spectrum of ways
cheated boyfriends react. And I saw Mulrenin slip or try to slip between many broke girls and their boyfriends. So
Mulrenin also had a long pattern of exploiting vulnerable young girls.
Events took an unexpected turn when Mulrenin went over the balcony. At that point, any plans Mandi Jackson had
would have been totally upset. So nothing that happened after Mulrenin went over the balcony, nothing Mandi
Jackson did, can reveal her original plan, or the original contents of Mandi's mind, before her mind was flash-
blasted by this shocking incident, which brought her to tears during a recorded jail phone call.
Whatever was in Mandi Jackson's mind before Mulrenin got shot and fell five stories, would have been discarded
and replaced. More likely is Jackson would have done the opposite of any original plans. If she originally planned to
rob Mulrenin, she would have never wanted to use his credit cards after he unexpectedly died right in front of her. If
her boyfriend unexpectedly caught her cheating and she lost her job and never got her dancer dollars, she might let
him use the credit cards to placate him, or used them herself for stress over money. But she never could have
predicted that situation she would find herself in.
You may wonder why a jury convicted Mandi Jackson based on zero evidence. People who were there wonder the
same thing. The jurors were not very excited about the rules they were supposed to follow, but they were very
amused with their own power. And they had a good chemistry where they liked to all come together and agree with
one another. It was all about the fun parts for them, and none of the boring instructions and rules they were
supposed to follow.
III - 3
You might say peers aren't perfect, they are still the best you can hope for, and you asked for them. But the
defendant was granted no similar license, and was hammered with rules at every turn. At the same time, the
witnesses made up stories and bent facts at every step, with no shame, punishment, or remorse.
The jurors' favorite group pastime during recess, was following me around the courthouse saying "Hey, mystery
guy!" and trying to get me to talk about the case with them. The jurors talked about me among themselves, saying I
was "creepy" for telling them "don't talk to me." They asked questions about me, and were asked questions about
I guarantee you the jurors spent hours online finding anything they could about the case and about me. That is one
of the ways they could have come to believe they knew better what happened, and made a decision not based on
anything in evidence or testimony in the courtroom.
The jurors' second-favorite pastime was deliberating among themselves during testimony. And that is just the two
inappropriate pastimes that were visible to me. One juror had a tablet in the jury box, which she insisted she was
only using during bench conferences. A friend of the victim was allowed to sit in the jury box, inform other jurors
that she had information from the day James Mulrenin died, and say how she was certain of Mandi's guilt.
A jury like that was susceptible to gossip. And they were likely distracted by three hours of the worst coerced smear
gossip, which a bizarre technicality of the rules of evidence allows to be presented under the label of "witnesses." I
know something about this case, I have studied it for years and I am familiar with the defendant and the victim. But
the defense cannot pay me to recite what I know, and call it evidence. Not even under the sixth amendment,
according to Judge Recksiedler.
The defendant's lawyers were distracted from the actual details which showed the contents of Mandi Jackson's
mind, by wading through three hours of malicious gossip. As I warned would happen before this trial, the jurors
were overwhelmed with gossip so complicated and insidious and dishonest, it would not be possible to wade
through it in any rational way. That made them vulnerable to going on the web, and becoming possessed with
visions that they had discovered some secret truth.
People in the courtroom, including adversaries of the defendant and/or neutral parties, were shocked with the
verdict. I won't bother naming names because they have no reason to tell you their real opinions or corroborate what
I say. It is not out of disrespect for the justice system that I write all this here. Rather, the justice system was
disrespected and corrupted to reach this verdict. And it needs to be corrected for the court, and the pursuit of justice,
to be respected.
It is not at all clear why Mandi Jackson would have needed to fill out an application to work at the Dollhouse to get
into James Mulrenin's apartment. The prosecution says Scott Love sneaked into the building, and then either went
through a door that Mulrenin frequently left unlocked, or Mandi let him in. I think he knocked. Mandi Jackson
could just as easily have sneaked into the building, and just knocked on Mulrenin's door and asked to borrow some
laundry detergent. It is possible to get into Mulrenin's apartment without ever going to his workplace.
You may have gotten the idea somewhere that we have a presumption of innocence. That the system is designed to
err on the side of freeing the guilty, rather than convicting the innocent. But that is not how this case worked at all.
Nobody ever had any interest in what really happened. Right from the beginning, they were on a mission to do
whatever they had to, to convict Mandi Jackson. They didn't care what the truth was, they weren't even curious. At
all levels of the system, it was a concerted mission to convict the innocent regardless of the truth.
Anyone who expects he will ever get a presumption of innocence, is at risk of a rude awakening. They can just grab
you and use 100 tricks to make you look guilty and lock you up, so you will still be there when the aliens land.
There is no institution to prevent what I just described. There is no institution to guarantee you that presumption of
innocence. You tell me what that institution is, it did nothing for Mandi Jackson.