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Prosecutor Lori "bad hair" Sacco (aka "Lori Brats") and Jackson "fat fingers" Athaide conspired in a shameless plan to mislead the court at Love's trial. They claimed the 20 video clips which they were showing, were the original 20 clips as captured by Jackson Athaide on December 14, 2016 by screen-recording the Lofts DVR system. They claimed Jackson Athaide could not have changed the timestamps because it was not technically possible. But before I show you what they said at trial, let's make clear what really happened.

Athaide claimed to have made a hard drive with a copy of all the video files from the Lofts. At some point the defense asked for it. In a deposition on May 2, 2019, four months after Love's trial, Alison Smolarek claimed that hard drive had been lost.
In a deposition on February 25, 2019, more than a month after Love's trial, Athaide admitted he made 20 new clips with timestamps from the video stored on "the lost hard drive". He did this specifically because someone put in a lot of work to remove the times from the 18 clips disclosed to the defense. The 20 clips that were used at Love's trial were never disclosed to the defense. My mind was blown at Love's trial when I saw video I had never seen before, including a dog walker who Let Love in the building, which was never mentioned in a dozen police reports and notes.

Just to be clear: The system that played the video and produced the time labels in the 20 new clips produced by Athaide, was not the Lofts DVR. The time labels were produced, and the clips were played, by a new video playback system put together by Athaide more than two years after he left the Lofts DVR behind.
Let's look at what they previously said at trial.

First Lori Sacco has Jackson Athaide authenticate that this is the original CD he put together at the Lofts on December 14, 2016.

Now Sacco asks Athaide how did you put together this CD, on December 14, 2016 when you were at the Lofts?
Athaide says when he went out to the Lofts on December 14, 2016, the video had timestamps so he could see things like when Mulrenin got home.
Athaide further said at trial, there was no way for him to alter or affect or access those timestamps in any way, because they were produced by the Lofts DVR system. All he did was screen-record them.

Athaide verifies that this is the same CD of 20 clips that he put together at the Lofts on December 14, 2016.

Nowehere does Athaide tell the truth, that the video timestamps he recorded and was unable to manipulate did not come from the Lofts DVR on December 14, 2016, when he went out there and produced the clips.

The video timestamps which Athaide recorded, and which there was "no way for you to manipulate", were produced by Athaide himself. The timestamps were produced by Athaide's own homemade system, like a week before Love's trial, and two years after he walked away from the Lofts DVR which made the original timestamps which were deleted.
If Mandi's lawyer Carrie Rentz gets that video, she risks losing $100,000. Because it will show that Scott didn't come with Mandi, he was with Chris Dahl. And Chris Dahl's lawyer Adam Reiss got Carrie a confidentiality waiver from his other client Julie Madara, which permitted Carrie to stay on the job and keep her retainer, despite Julie Madara having previously been Carrie's client. The video risks exposing the guy Scott was really with, and that Carrie took a bribe from his lawyer, exposing that Carrie has a conflict of interest they tried to hide by sealing Chris Dahl's case.

But instead they play it off as like they can't afford $20 at Best Buy. No mention of Jackson Athaide having to go to Best Buy before he went out to the Lofts and copied the video files himself. He didn't show up with 100 CD's.