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On December 13, 2016, Dollhouse and Stars strip clubs in Orlando had a big night. Two VIP's paid with credit cards. Strip club manager James Mulrenin told stripper Mandi May Jackson if she came by his house after all the other girls left, he would give her cash for her dance coupons. Mulrenin lured Jackson up to his tiny apartment, with the promise of drugs and cash. Mulrenin surreptitiously cut 5mg of codeine into the cocaine he gave Jackson. Jackson passed out, and does not remember what happened to this day.

After two hours, Jackson's boyfriend Scott Love came looking for her, and knocked on Mulrenin's door. When Jackson was unavailable, Love forced his way into Mulrenin's apartment. Mulrenin got shot in the back of the leg, maybe with his own gun. Someone made a field dressing and packed the wound, and tried to stop the bleeding with a tourniquet. This was likely a result of Love's familiarity with thigh wounds, from his best friends who had died in the military. At some point Mulrenin was left unattended. Mulrenin walked out to the balcony and, possibly as a result of the spins from drinking and snorting cocaine with an eye infection, slumped over the railing and jumped to his death.

Police saw the video from the club that showed Jackson was friends with Mulrenin, and showed the two VIP's doing drugs for two nights. But police hid that video, and faked the times on the apartment video to make it look like Love arrived with Jackson. The CSI staged a bullet in front of a tear in the sofa, and then threw away the sofa with Jackson's blood on it from having sex on her period. They found three surgical gloves with blood by the field dressing which had been torn off a large man's hands, but those gloves disappeared. Police and prosecutors staged and faked evidence, and coached almost every witness to lie, to claim it was a robbery, and Mulrenin had been shot while fleeing off the balcony. They framed Jackson for the murder of her boss.

Jackson originally admitted to friends that she was drugged, and she had no idea what happened, or when or why Love came to the apartment. But today she denies being drugged, because she wants to testify in her own defense, and against her friends Love and Dahl, whom she blames for the death of Mulrenin. This is the book I wrote before talking to Jackson in prison.
cell tower map
shot while fleeing
house evidence staged
duct tape and cable ties
Smolarek's glove scam
Smolarek stages bullet
false GHB arrest
coaching witnesses
video timestamps removed
timestamps off 7 minutes
video not disclosed
dog walker hidden
video timeline impossible
judge is an idiot
not ransacked in 79 minutes
attorney Adam Reiss
Julie Madara
Jailhouse Confession Scam
drugged  *new*
money laundering

The night she got arrested at my house. It was a hot, sweaty night in June. Her makeup is still perfect after two hours out in the heat.

This is Mulrenin's mugshot from his 2014 DUI arrest. He was diagnosed with the spins or nystagmus.

The pic that could be on the Florida Department of Corrections web site for the next 70 years.

That's her "angel" Lorelei photographed by CSI Alison Smolarek during the Arbor Ridge Trail search.

This is Mulrenin's mugshot from when he got convicted of domestic battery.

Mandi looking shy for the camera as she strips.

Mandi at her sister's wedding in September 2016.

Mandi texted me this from the recovery room when she was goofy on anesthesia after surgery.

Mandi up for sale. That tattoo is a memorial for her grandfather, it is his car.

Mandi at Taco Bell in Forsyth, Georgia after we emptied her car at the Monroe County Sheriff's impound yard. She asked me to take this picture and text it to her dad.

Mandi at her sister's wedding in September 2016.

Mandi with her little brother and her sister's baby.

That is Mandi after 18 months in the Seminole County Jail, much of it sedated for 23 hours a day in solitary.

I suspect this is the oversize jacket Mandi was wearing when Scott knocked on Mulrenin's door. That is the face picture of Scott that Mandi's profile pic got replaced with, when she added the two young black guys.

This is a picture from an old hooker ad police found which was scraped and archived by another web site.

This is the face pic Mandi texted me on February 6, 2015 after I sent my friend a link to her ad on

Mandi eating a hamburger with 16 patties at Freddy's Frozen Custard on South Orange Avenue in 2016. Her little brother cooked them.

Mandi eating a free frosty at Wendy's on Conway Road after I bonded her out in Georgia in 2016.

Mandi blowing a dandelion at an I-75 rest stop after I bonded her out in Georgia.

That's me in 2011 at the house I rented up the street from Cabaret Internationale.
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What if...

Every single witness at your trial lied.