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On December 14, 2016, Alison Smolarek started photographing Mulrenin's apartment. The first photo she took on Day 1 was a date card that says 8:15. The time embedded in the photo is 9:14, meaning the camera is on daylight savings time. This is confirmed by later photos of a phone and microwave. There is a pointy capital "A" in "ASPD" and a round "A" in "A. Smolarak". My conclusion based on other evidence labels, is the pointy one was written by Alison Smolarek, and the round one where "Smolarak" is misspelled was written by Ben Sprague.
Day 1 photo 83 shows the loveseat has a small tear, and some duct tape partially under it. The duct tape is collected as evidence.
Day 1 photo 237 shows a TV remote controller sliding off the edge of the loveseat but held in place by the divider, and that same tear which is L-shaped and the leather is lifted up.
Day 1 photo 239 shows some blood on the loveseat, and the same L-shaped tear where the leather is lifted up. There is no blood on the L-shaped tear.
On day 2, Alison Smolarek comes back and finds a bullet at 12:05 PM. She claims to have found it underneath the loveseat with the L-shaped tear, that had duct tape collected from under it the previous day.
She claims to have found the bullet by lifting up the loveseat. She claims to have had no knowledge Mulrenin had been shot, although Denise Smith later changed her balcony testimony, and Sprague changed his report, to include a gunshot.
At Scott's trial it was "We had no idea that L-shaped tear was a bullet hole until we found a bullet under it." At Mandi's trial it was "We saw that L-shaped tear, and thought hey that's a bullet hole, let's look to see if there is a bullet under it." This supposedly on December 15, when according to officers Uzzi and Van Cleave, medicolegal investigator Lora Zedick, and Smolarek herself in prior sworn testimony, nobody suspected there had been a gunshot.
She claims to have found the bullet after taking photographs for 24 minutes, but still doesn't photograph it for another 23 minutes. When she first photographs the bullet, the entire sofa is still in place, but there is a red-stitched moving blanket to the left of the loveseat. It is not clear why they lifted the loveseat and put a moving blanket next to it, before doing anything with the more interesting recliner section further from the balcony where the major blood is. Probably because the recliner shows Mulrenin shot and then sitting, whereas the loveseat can show Mulrenin shot while fleeing, to blame the shot for him going over the balcony.
At 12:28 PM, Smolarek takes a photo of the L-shaped tear with TV controller, and the bullet on the floor in front of it. Smolarek claims she found the bullet by lifting up the loveseat. But the TV controller is still in the exact same place as the previous day, sliding against the separate divider section. The loveseat is against the wall, and could not have been lifted without moving that controller. She claims the bullet was found under the loveseat, but she never photographed it where she found it. She claims to have picked up the bullet at 12:05, and spent 23 minutes putting the loveseat back in place, before placing the bullet on the floor in front of the loveseat and finally photographing it.
At 12:28 PM, Smolarek takes two more photos of the L-shaped tear. She said at Love's trial it was a "small nick" that did not "register" as a bullet hole until she found the bullet. The L-shaped tear is now pushed in like a hole.

At Mandi's trial, she said the L-shaped tear was "semicircular" like a bullet. If it went through the edge of Mulrenin's leg, I think the bullet would get turned sideways and make a long jagged rip, which I will test.
Still 12:28 PM, Smolarek takes five more photos of the bullet.
At 12:30 PM, Smolarek takes a photo of the sofa with a red stitched moving blanket on it. This blanket does not appear anywhere else in the 330+ photos of every room of Mulrenin's apartment. The loveseat with the blood and supposed bullet hole of the murder victim is never logged into evidence.
Smolarek takes 10 more photos. Finally she looks under the recliner where the blood actually is, and takes one photo from a distance.
We can see Sprague labeled the bullet hole with a thicker pen. Then he added Smolarek's initials with his round "A" with her pen.
Finally at 12:41 Smolarek takes a photo of what she claims is the exit hole, under the loveseat which she claims was lifted at 12:05 PM to find the bullet. But that looks like a slice from a serrated knife stuck in and pulled out. My analysis shows a tumbling deformed bullet would make a bigger hole.

It is also under a recliner. That label is from Haining Happy Leather in 2014. I searched every craigslist site in the country for old theater sectionals by Haining, Hainan, or Homelegance, and none of them had a reclining loveseat. If Mulrenin's loveseat was a recliner, similar recliners on amazon.com weigh over 200 pounds. There is no way you can pull a 200-pound recliner away from the wall and lift it without disturbing that TV controller.
Here is another look at that hole, together with the knork that was found sitting on the recliner. I think that hole is actually under the recliner, where Love started to cut into it to find the bullet after Mulrenin went over.
If that were really the exit hole under the same seat in the loveseat, then it would go almost straight through. And that is what Smolarek claims, though she never documented it by sticking a stick through like they did at Mulrenin's autopsy.
Problem is, that bullet has dents to show it collided with at least six or seven hard objects. There are most likely zero hard objects between the two locations Smolarek claims were bullet holes. Because the bullet wasn't deflected.
This is what the zig-zag spring inside Mulrenin's sofa looks like. The dents in the bullet are the same width as the zig-zag spring. The bullet photographed by Smolarek tumbled horizontally through the zig-zag spring. It could not have traveled straight through from the L-shaped tear, to the linear puncture, as claimed.
This is the unlikely path through Mulrenin's leg and the alleged hole. I believe the bullet really went through the recliner where Mulrenin was bleeding, maybe even through the wall. I believe they wanted to claim the bullet went through the the loveseat with no blood spatter on the L-shaped tear, because they wanted to claim Mulrenin was shot while fleeing to the balcony. So they threw away the recliner, and intended to keep the loveseat.
But then the autopsy on December 16, 2016 showed a very improbable path for Mulrenin to be shot while fleeing with no spatter, so they threw away the loveseat also.
That is why they replaced "burglary of a dwelling with a firearm" with "burglary of a dwelling with an assault or battery" and "robbery no firearm" at the time of the grand jury.

They made a 3D model of the room, but it was never provided to the defense.
Police boasted to find a knife on the recliner where Mulrenin bled. They swabbed the handle for touch DNA.

But they never sent that swab to the lab. Suppose they want to hide that Mulrenin bled on the recliner, for their "shot while fleeing" narrative. Once the outside lab has that DNA report from the knife, they can't hide it. The defense will ask where was this DNA found? Why isn't there a picture documenting that? Where is that recliner?

Was there something in the room that could tear up an L-shaped nick in the sofa like that?
On the floor next to the cable ties, there was the lid from a triangular plastic tube that is 1/2 inch on each side.
Did a tube like this tear up that L-shaped nick? I don't know. Was the half white pill stashed with Mulrenin's cocaine stored in a tube like this? I don't know.
Om December 28, 2016, David Harris of the Orlando Sentinel wrote an article available at the following link:


Notice the name "Jimmy" in the link. Nobody at the strip club called Mulrenin "Jimmy" and it wasn't in any police report, or in the story itself. "Jimmy" is what his family calls him in Michigan. Except they spell it "Jimmie" so Harris seems to have heard it out loud. Harris has a bio where, like Mulrenin, he likes to advertise being from Michigan. And they are men of a similar age.

In his article, Harris states "Jackson, 21, was seen running away from Mulrenin's apartment and into her car one minute after a 911 call came in saying he had fallen". That is closer to the truth, that Jackson ran out 1 minute before, than what appeared in the arrest affidavit Harris' story at first seems to be based on. The arrest affidavit says 6 minutes after, 1 minute before is the truth.

Harris also stated in his article "A bullet casing and a knife also were found." It is reasonable to speculate a man who comes from Michigan and calls Mulrenin "Jimmy" has a direct source. This suggests police found the bullet shell at Mulrenin's apartment, told close contact Harris about it, and threw it away when they discarded the sofa.