According to all the police reports and notes, Love got into the Lofts because of some inanimate mechanical accident.

Only one document, "Athaides Notes.pdf" mentions a person being involved. I assume this is because Dectective Sprague does not know how to edit a pdf.

There was a similar ambiguity about Jackson and Mulrenin's trip to the garage.

The time they entered changed from 5:24 to 5:27. The video of Jackson actually entering was missing in the original clip 15.avi provided to the defense. In the 20 clips Athaide made two years later, 15.avi turned out to be two separate clips with time in between, that had been edited together as one continuous clip with no time information.

I was extremely curious to understand how police could lose video of their murder suspect propping open a door to enter the murder scene, and fleeing.

I inspected Neisha Cintron's video interview very closely where Sprague shows her video of Jackson and Mulrenin in the garage. I saw there was another individual in the garage with Jackson and Mulrenin.

Here is Neisha Cintron's entire video interview.

You can play it with VLC Media Player, or PowerDVD.
12_28_2016 4_22_28 PM (UTC-05_00).avi


This is a closeup of the dog walker returning from left to right after Mulrenin enters.

Neisha says "I've never seen this" and Sprague says "I didn't show it to anyone yet."

This is the entire single clip in slow motion, where a dog walker enters from the top right, then Jackson enters, then Mulrenin enters, then the dog walker crosses back from left to right.

It's probably easier to see the dog walker enter in the original video around 32:02.

It helps if you own dogs, and you are familiar with walking them at night. When there is something moving along low to the ground below a car, ahead of a person and the person follows, and it happens in a residential area, that is a dog.

On December 4, 2018, I called Lofts manager Michelle Ervin to ask if she knew who the dog walker was in the fifth floor garage. She became very defensive and called the police.
On December 6, 2018, I made a public records request for the video Sprague showed Cintron.

State employee Crystal Martin responded with a shameless lie, that she could not provide me with the video because it revealed state-secret surveillance techniques.
At a hearing in December, 2018, Judge Recksiedler made a vague comment something like the video had been validated and she would allow it at trial.

I guess this is when Athaide made the 20 new clips with his own timestamps off "the lost hard drive" and Michelle Ervin wrote her initials on the disc.
At Love's trial, there was suddenly new video that had never been disclosed to the defense, that showed a dog walker unlocked the door and let Love in the building!

This had never before been revealed in hundreds of pages of notes and reports.

Lofts Manager Michelle Ervin said the dog walker had moved out.
Sprague said he did not recognize the dog walker who let his murderer into the building.

Didn't get his name, didn't ask him if he saw Love arrive or get out of Jackson's car. Didn't ask him if he knows Love or walks his dogs the same time every day. Didn't ask him if he saw Jackson drive up and almost hit his dogs, or heard or saw a motorcycle.

Prosecutor Stone already knows Sprague's answer. Prosecutor Stone tells Sprague his answer. Prosecutor Stone knows in advance that Sprague will say he does not recognize this person. Prosecutor Stone has been talking to Sprague about this person, so they both know in advance what Sprague's answer will be.
I still don't have the new video of the dog walker who let Love in the building. But I staked out the Lofts, and I accidentally recorded audio of a similar dog walker with two black and white dogs. He walked out of the freight entrance at 5:21 AM and walked his dogs off the leash in the unlit empty lot across from the freight entrance.

I believe both the dog walker who let Love in the freight entrance, and the hidden dog walker in the fifth floor garage, both took place much later than the times claimed by police.

Very likely it is the same dog walker, proving Jackson and Mulrenin were already in the building together, long before Love came through the freight entrance.