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A key thing Mandi said first, on the first day she talked to me in prison about that night, was that she went out to the balcony and Mulrenin did a line, and he offered her a line when she came back in. But she didn't remember if she took it. And her story instantly jumped ahead at least 45 minutes to Scott being there, and stopped making sense or fitting the evidence.

So it is a simple explanation. She has apparently been telling people from day one that Mulrenin drugged her. But she thought it was G in the drink which she likes, when in fact it was codeine in the cocaine. And she didn't know it was codeine in the cocaine, because Mulrenin put it in there while she was on the balcony smoking.

Both Mandi and Scott's lawyers put a lot of emphasis on the half pill with Mulrenin's cocaine, and I did not know why. But they had both been talking to their clients from early on. Mandi's story was probably clearer back when it happened. And her lawyers also figured out it was the pill.

Here is James Mulrenin's toxicology the day he died. No weed (cannabinoids). No codeine (opiates).
Here is half a 10mg codeine pill on Mulrenin's counter two hours after he died. He cut that into Mandi's cocaine while she was on the balcony, but did not take any himself.
Here is a pipe and burnt bud on Mulrenin's kitchen counter two hours after he died.
Here is the smoke detector and battery disabled on Mulrenin's table two hours after he died. Mandi smoked so much weed out of sight in the kitchen, they had to disable the smoke detector.
Here is Mandi's drink on the balcony. Her DNA and his DNA was on the straw. How did Jim's DNA get in her mouth?

These are the prescription drugs Mandi was on.

As a result, Mandi passed out and did not witness Scott come in and Mulrenin get shot in the leg. She was probably awakened into a dream state by the gun shot, and all her memories are confused and incorrect.

Mandi applied two nights in a row, because the VIP's were there two nights in a row. Video of all that was deleted.

Mandi used her father's real name and phone number as an emergency contact, and her real name, birthdate, and work history at the same place Mulrenin worked, both nights.

So you can see, Mandi just came to work, and got drugged and a dick in her mouth. GQ Jim gave Mandi weed and secretly cut 5mg codeine into her coke, but did not take either himself. All he did was put his DNA in her mouth.