This video shows how a closed cable tie came to be found on Mulrenin's floor between the recliner and the balcony. Next I will show you why.
Mulrenin appears to have been shot through the back of his left thigh.
He sat in the recliner and bled

There was also a roll of duct tape which matched old tape in a mug in his cabinet, and a serrated cheese knork.
In Scott Love's police interview, he said his three best friends died in the military.
Scott Love's infamous "don't tread on me" sweatshirt has a logo of someone rapelling out of a blackhawk helicopter.
Scott must be familiar with the scene in "Blackhawk Down" where the soldier bleeds to death from a gunshot wound through his thigh. Mandi also told me in a recorded phone call from the Orange County Jail, that a small dog will die from a cottonmouth bite because a small dog does not have enough blood like a person has.
So Mandi bound Mulrenin's wound with duct tape, because she is a tomboy and it was handy. You can see or try yourself, the repeating loop found by Mulrenin's balcony door is the circumference of a large man's thigh, and much larger than wrists or ankles.
This is a closeup of that tape with the blood from the entry and larger exit wound.
A man's thigh gets much smaller when he stands up than when he is sitting.

They also used a cable tie as a tourniquet or to compress the wound. But it fell off when Mulrenin stood up and took two steps toward the balcony, as in the video above.
This is the whole scene. The bedroom door on the left was closed when police came in. I think Love pulled the rug out to try to find the bullet after Mandi left. I think the three loose blue gloves are rolled up inside that rug.
This is a closeup of the duct tape which Smolarek did not find in the never-emptied bag she claimed she found it in. It looks like there is gauze on it, or cream, or something. The duct tape loop by the door also has it.

I don't know what that white stuff is. But I cannot brainstorm anything a person doing an armed robbery might get on there, while allegedly tying a person up while his neighbors listen.

Mulrenin was wearing dark socks, pants, and jacket, and a dress shirt. Maybe they compressed his wound with toilet paper, to drive to the hospital without ruining the 300.

On his tidy bathroom counter, there is a loose roll of toilet paper.