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Because nitrile gloves are usually removed inside-out (especially when no finger tips are visibly pulled in at the knuckle), and the only person likely to get that much blood on his hand is Mulrenin himself, that blood on the outside is likely the true "wearer DNA."
On page 8 of his police report, Sprague says two separate groups of gloves were collected from the car.
By page 18 of Sprague's police report, Alison Beth Smolarek is calling it one item collected at 11:45.

The three gloves with suspected blood stains have vanished, or been combined with the single item.
When I complained after Love's trial, Smolarek said at Mandi's trial there were eight gloves total. But the three loose gloves which Sprague said had blood stains, disappear after this point and are supposedly never tested.
At 11:51 AM, different and separate items are suddenly photographed on a piece of butcher paper. Those three gloves on the left look stained from being reused for something. But you really can't make a guess as to what that stain is. Two thumb tips are torn off.
At 11:52 AM, there is a bag in the back that is not opened.
Still 11:52 AM, still a bag in the back that is not opened.
11:54 AM, still a bag in the back that is not opened.
12:09 PM, a bag is opened. But nobody has been digging around in that bag yet to find anything. If you found gloves with suspected blood in that bag at 11:45 AM, wouldn't you have been curious to take everything else out to see if there are more gloves, or bullets or knives or something, in the next 24 minutes? It seems like they want the bag of trash itself, not anything that is in the bag. They know there is nothing incriminating in that bag.
This was exhibit 162 at Mandi's trial, where Smolarek claimed she found the gloves.
At Scott and Mandi's trials, Smolarek claimed she found the tiny package with the crisscrossed zip ties in that trash bag.
In Liutenant Murphy 591, that looks like two gloves from the zip tie package and definitely not five.

Murphy: Hey guys, did you think to look in that bag?

Sprague and Smolarek: No, dipshit. That is our "We found the gloves in a bag of trash" bag. We need it for Smolarek's storyboard.
In Smolarek 125, that looks like not five gloves from the zip tie package.
Smolarek 124 looks rather different. There are some extra fingers and knuckles on the bottom left, like at least three never used gloves. The fingers on the glove with the square stain that matches 125, do not appear to be pulled in at the knuckle. So this glove was probably not pulled straight off by the fingers. That stain is likely the inside of the glove, from being pulled off in a hurry inside-out.
At Scott's trial, Smolarek claimed that there were five gloves total, and all five gloves she collected and swabbed came from inside the zip-tie package.
Smolarek used just two swabs for all five gloves.
Smolarek said all the gloves were in one ball, but not all five had blood stains. She swabbed the inside of all five gloves with a single swab for "wearer DNA."
When Smolarek was recalled to answer specific questions from the jury to the DNA expert, Smolarek again claimed that all five gloves were balled up together, that she swabbed the inside side of all five gloves with a single swab for "wearer DNA," and that she could not really determine what was the inside or outside.
Smolarek and the detectives wear gloves at work every single day. She even wore gloves on the stand at trial. So Smolarek knows that people who are experienced with the gloves or in a hurry, usually take them off inside out, but not always. And she knows when you take the gloves off inside out, the fingertips are usually inside out, but not always. Smolarek knows that it is impossible to tell which of these gloves were taken off inside out. The ones with the thumb torn off could have been pulled straight off by an inexperienced person. But the pinky finger may be inside out. The gloves that actually were in the ball, she never determined if they were inside or out or how many times they had been used or what. So when Smolarek said she determined what was the inside for "wearer DNA" she lied. And if she swabbed that visible stain and called it the outside and therefore the victim, she straight invented it. Since she knew she invented it and that glove was probably inside out, and an excessive accumulation of blood would likely be Mulrenin touching himself, she lied.
After I complained about Scott's trial, Smolarek conceded at Mandi's trial that some of the gloves were inside-out. If the insides of some are pressed directly against the outsides of others in a single wad, then DNA is transferred and there is no inside or outside. Smolarek knows this, but she lied anyway and said "wearer DNA."
There is the missing thumb from the three gloves that weren't in the package.
There is the missing thumb again, from the three gloves that weren't in a ball.
The ball group gloves have wrinkles covering the entire surface. The three loose gloves have none.
This piece that got torn off by duct tape, does not have wrinkles. It was never in the ball. It appears to match the glove with a large section torn out, from the original three loose gloves. It was probably stuffed inside that glove from the package, after the package was opened.
This is Smolarek's intelligence, education, and experience. She cannot cross-contaminate five gloves, combine or lose gloves from two groups, and fail to realize gloves are usually taken off inside-out, by accident. She must have had the conscious intention to mix the gloves and contrive the DNA result, to mislead the jury with a false positive identification of wearer and victim.
Mulrenin had hand sanitizer, clorox wipes, and lysol in his kitchen and bathroom. He had antibiotics. He had needles. He knew something about germs.
This photo shows the trash bag next to the back right of the car.
This photo shows Detective Sprague standing with gloves where the gloves and trash bags were. He could not have simply heard wrong, when he said the gloves with suspected blood were found separate from the zip-tie bundle.
The glove from the package with the substance has no fingers inside out. You cannot pull that glove off Scott Love's hand with that result. It looks like it was never used.

The substance is localized to the palm, which is hard to do. It also proves it was not pulled off inside out.

If the substance is localized, and the glove was never worn, that substance was planted on it.
That is the blood on the area rug under the recliner where Mulrenin sat. It is still wet. And these are the booties the prosecution wants you to believe Love wore, while getting all that blood on that glove and doing all that struggling with Mulrenin. There is no blood on the booties, as there would be if the prosecution's narrative were true.