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Lofts parking is not reserved. If you arrive at 4:30 AM when everyone else is at home and asleep, the chance of you finding a parking spot on your floor, in the corner closest to your apartment, is small. When you are driving through the garage, you have no idea where you will find an open spot. When Mulrenin arrived home from work, he parked on the second floor even though he lives on the fifth floor.
Some labels are visible in the cropped stills of video, in the files where police hand-typed the timestamps.

It says the freight elevator on the southwest corner is elevator A and there is a 6 maybe meaning the elevator itself. It says the elevator where Jackson parks and Mulrenin swipes out of the garage, is elevator B, and there is a 5 maybe meaning the floor.

Michelle Ervin was the Lofts apartment manager for 13 years, selling the north-facing lake view before the building was even built. She had been watching suspicious guests, and catching people with unregistered pets on the security cameras, for 13 years. She claims to recognize every part of the building based on art and decor, which she put there.

Ervin claimed at Love's trial, that Jackson and Mulrenin parked on the fourth floor northeast corner of the building.

I wonder if Athaide screwed up the labels when he was tampering with the video, and that is why they deleted them.

Athaide claimed he could tell Mulrenin and Jackson parked on the same floor and corner as Love waited, based on artwork in the hall by the elevator. But that is a non-sequitur, because there is no artwork in the garage.
Both Sprague and Athaide claimed that Jackson parked on the southwest corner, and Love hid in elevator A as they passed by.

They claim Love immediately came out the elevator on the southwest corner, walked around the hall to the opposite corner of the building, went into the garage through door B at the northeast corner, and looked for and found Jackson's car there.

Problem is, Love supposedly started hiding in the elevator on the southwest corner, before Jackson parked. Because spots are not reserved, Love hid before Jackson even knew where she would find a spot and park. And by the time Love comes out, Jackson and Mulrenin are already in the hall or in Mulrenin's apartment. So it is impossible for Love to know to walk around to the B corner, to look for Jackson's car on the northeast side. He would assume they are on the A corner where he hid, and enter through door A.

The best way I can resolve these conflicts, is if Jackson and Mulrenin did park on the southwest corner. But Athaide screwed up the header labels when he was changing the times, to make Love hide and Jackson and Mulrenin pass by at the same time. And Michelle Ervin was looking at the tampered labels to detect floor and corner, not at the structure or artwork as claimed.

But if that is the case then the times are wrong, and the labels are wrong. And there is nothing to say what floor they parked on, or if it is the fifth floor or the same floor where Love waited. And it is highly improbable they actually found a spot on the same floor and corner as Murenins' apartment.
And finally when Jackson comes walking from deep in the garage wearing a man's blazer, there is no way to tell if she is coming from her own car, from Mulrenin's car on another floor, or from Mulrenin's apartment on the opposite corner of the garage.

When Jackson first parks and enters, and when Jackson last leaves, she comes from and goes to her car along the wall, not in the middle of the garage.

Remember there is no video of Love leaving, meaning a) they threw it away because they want you to assume he left with Jackson, or b) even though they claim there is video of all the ways in and out, it is possible to go places and not show up on video.