Seminole County Circuit Court Judge Jessica Recksiedler tried to sentence Scott to 30 years. She had no idea she just presided over a first-degree murder trial.

Judge Recksiedler thinks if she shows drugs which testimony said were unmetabolized from recent use in Mulrenin's blood, unbagged, loose, and cut up with a plastic card and rolled-up $20 bill in the room where he was supposedly murdered, and in the defense's narrative, she also has to show clear drugs next to a blurry partial image of a credit card that fell on the floor of the defendant's car in another county five days later.

They showed numerous other credit-card pictures and videos. The judge would only allow just one photo, of many many photos of drugs at Mulrenin's house.

Alison Smolarek who took the photo, had just referred to bullets as "cartridges." A juror who saw the drug picture from the car asked what the "cartridges" on the floor were. The court did not allow the question to be answered.

So in fact, they misled at least one juror that there were bullets on the floor of the car, to save the case from being reversed for showing irrelevant illegal activity by the defendant.

In Jackson's trial, Recksiedler argued her jury instruction was appropriate because Mulrenin was alive in a coma for two days. After listening to the entire prosecution presentation for two murder trials, Recksiedler still didn't know when Mulrenin died, December 14, the same day he went over. The prosecution coached witnesses to say they heard a gunshot, for their "shot while fleeing" narrative. So they had to hide that Mulrenin was in organ donation for two days before anyone examined him, because nobody heard a gunshot. I explained this lie to Recksiedler's assistant in multiple emails. It is not a good sign, when the judge falls for the prosecution's lies over and over.

Here is Seminole County prosecutor Stewart Stone aka "the boy" lying about the time of the 911 call, the time of death, and the manner of death, in one breath in his closing argument.