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In September 2016, Veigle strip club drug dealer Chris Dahl got arrested for meth, after he coached a hooker to make a false police report about kidnapping. Local prostitute Mandi May Jackson heard Dahl was going into the mechanic business full time, and wanted to join his business. Dahl instead put her to work delivering bags of weed and cocaine to the Veigle strip clubs.

Mandi Jackson had previously met Dahl as well as Seminole County strip club manager James Mulrenin, when she applied to work at Stars on Orange Blossom Trail around Halloween 2015. By December 2016, Mandi had been seeing Mulrenin in Altamonte Springs as a sugar daddy, on and off for over a year.

On December 11, 2016, Keith Ingersoll and James Adamczyk came into Rachel's North in Casselberry. They had embezzled money from a local real estate investor that was supposed to be held in an escrow account. They needed to withdraw cash to buy drugs and hookers. But they didn't want to trigger the $10,000 reporting threshhold that would alert the feds, or come under suspicion for tax evasion, or structuring like Denny Hastert.

So they each bought $10,000 in dance coupons using credit cards. They spent a few thousand on strippers. Strip club manager Mulrenin then faked the books to make it look like the rest was also spent on strippers, whom he then gave cash. But instead it was given as cash, to Ingersoll and Adamaczyk. On December 12th, they did the same thing at Stars on Orange Blossom Trail. On December 13th they did the same thing at sister club Dollhouse across the street, run as a single business with Stars.

Mandi delivered drugs to all three strip clubs. Upon learning two big customers were throwing away money and buying drugs, Mandi sought out her friend Mulrenin to try to make some money off them. He was the only one that could get her in to apply and start work late, the same night. On December 13, 2016, Mandi started work at Dollhouse around 11PM. Mandi got some dance coupons from Ingersoll and Adamcyzk in the private VIP room.

At the end of the night, the strippers held about $5k in dance coupons. Mulrenin did his standard practice, of telling them to come back for cash the next day. He told Mandi he would give her cash for her dance coupons if she stayed after all the other girls left, and then came by his house. Mandi told Dahl, and her boyfriend Scott Love, that she was stopping by Mulrenin's house to get some cash. Mandi met Mulrenin at the curb, but he lured her upstairs for drugs and cash.

Mulrenin did not want Mandi to leave, and surreptitiously cut 5mg of codeine into her cocaine, after serving her weed and vodka with orange juice. Mandi was heavily prescribed anxiety medication at the time. Mandi passed out, and does not remember most of what happened for the next hour. Her boyfriend eventually came looking for her, found Mulrenin's apartment, and knocked on the door. When Mandi was unavailable, he forced his way in.

Mulrenin got shot in the leg. It may have been his own gun, which he was ready with after having been tipped off by Dahl on his burner phone. The apartment was full of drugs, paraphernalia, prescription drugs without a prescription, stolen cash, and a hooker. Mulrenin had previous convictions for racketeering, prostitution, battery, a violation of probation, and a rape accusation. Nobody was calling the police. Someone tried to pack the wound and use a tourniquet to stop the bleeding.

Mulrenin was high and drunk out of his mind, and possibly half blind from viagra abuse and snorting cocaine with a bacterial eye infection. Mulrenin had previously been diagnosed with nystagmus at a DUI stop. At some point he wandered out to the balcony, where he lingered long enough for two witnesses on the ground to shout at him "don't do it, don't jump." But he went over the railing and died. None of the numerous witnesses who saw and heard him go over heard a gunshot.

Police told Mulrenin's emergency contact Dollhouse bartender Barbara Mellinger, and manager Big Mike Garcia, that Mulrenin had committed suicide. Mellinger and Big Mike immediately made a deal to pocket the $15k cash Mulrenin was supposed to give Ingersoll and Adamczyk.

Police went to Dollhouse to find out who the little blonde girl was on video with Mulrenin at his apartment. The Dollhouse managers lied and said nobody knew her or had ever seen her before, and it must have been a robbery. Police asked to see the Dollhouse surveillance video. Detective Sprague and Lieutenant Murphy saw local VIP's Ingersoll and Adamczyk on the video doing drugs with Mandi.

Police gave Garcia a few days to delete all video of Mandi and Ingersoll and Adamcyzk on that night and previous nights. They then took the DVR to the FDLE office in Orlando, and left it there. They hid its existence, and did not give a copy to the defense for three years. Even then most of the video was missing. The police lied and said they never looked at the video themselves.

When the dancers came in the next day to cash out their dance coupons from the previous night, Mellinger and Garcia told them they could not pay them, because Mulrenin took their money home with him and Mandi stole it. They pocketed that cash also.

Mandi was at Mulrenin's apartment for two hours. Her boyfriend Love did not show up until the last five minutes. Police wrote in a report that they were coordinating over the phone for Love to come in and rob Mulrenin. When it turned out Love did not even have a phone, and Mandi had not been in communication with anybody but Mulrenin all night, police had a problem faking a robbery plan. So they changed the timestamps on the video to show Love arriving at the same time as Mandi.

Police then noticed there were some dog walkers in the video who would know it was much later than claimed, including the dog walker who swiped the door open to let Love in the building. So police hid that video, and gave the defense some new video with no dog walkers or timestamps. Two years later when the video looked suspicious, they made some new video with new timestamps, and one of the dog walkers. Seminole County prosecutors supervised police to lie at trial and say the video with fake timestamps was the timestamps they recorded off the apartment surveillance system two years earlier.

Police found some bloody surgical gloves in Mulrenin's apartment which he apparently tore off his hands hastily, after trying to make a field dressing for his wound. Police hid those gloves, and coached their witnesses to lie that they heard a gunshot and Mulrenin was shot while fleeing. A man shot while he runs over a balcony, does not have time to bleed on gloves before he goes over. They then took DNA off some other gloves, and straight told a ridiculous lie at trial that there were gloves with Love's DNA on the inside and Mulrenin's blood on the outside.

Police also staged photographs of a fake bullet hole in the sofa. They then destroyed the sofa, to hide that Mulrenin sat and bled before he went over, and also hide Mandi's blood from having sex on the sofa on her period. Police tampered the bullet evidence so bad, they replaced the "burglary of a dwelling with a firearm" charge with "robbery no firearm or weapon" for which Mandi is now serving life without parole from age 21.

A fellow stripper Neisha Cintron made friends with Mandi, and almost blew up the whole thing. She loaned Mandi a green thong bottom because Mandi was on her period. She smoked weed with Mandi. She saw Mulrenin kissing Mandi, and learned that they were friends. She saw Mulrenin tell Mandi to change dresses twice. The last thing Mandi did after closing, was buy a new dress from Neisha to wear the next day, because manager Mulrenin did not like the two dresses she already had. Upon learning Neisha would not be there the next day, Mandi gave Neisha her real name and phone number to stay in touch.

Mandi also applied two nights, and used not only her real name, but her father's real name and phone number as an emergency contact on both applications. None of this fits with a plan to rob the manager. But police and prosecutors coached Cintron and Mellinger and many other witnesses at Dollhouse and Stars and Rachel's North to hide all this, and hide that Mandi was at the strip clubs on previous nights, and hide that people knew her, and hide that what she was involved in was not robbing anyone.

They hid everything that Mandi did, and the truth about what happened those nights, to hide the money laundering and drug crime high up in the Seminole County Republican Party. Mandi's lawyers, the police, elected State Attorney Phil Archer, even the Governor of Florida Ron DeSantis know police faked this evidence and this robbery. But it reaches too high up in the Republican Party for anyone to ever say anything, so all you will get is omerta. Even Orlando Sentinel night and crime editor Dave Harris was friends with Mulrenin, and is a party to the coverup to this day.