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After meeting in private with Chris Dahl's lawyer Adam Reiss, Julie Madara claimed Mandi confessed to her specific details of a planned robbery which Chris Dahl knew of but did not participate in.

Chris Dahl is a drug dealer and Mandi stopped at Chris Dahl's house on the way to do cocaine with Mulrenin. Adam Reiss was trying at the same time to get Dahl a suspended sentence for his active meth case. The story Madara told conveniently made no mention of Dahl providing the cocaine Mulrenin used the night he died.

Mandi did cocaine while having sex with me three times. All three times she brought the cocaine from Chris Dahl's house.

Chris Dahl's house is 1 mile from Dollhouse, and he would sit in the strip clubs literally all day. Mandi met Chris Dahl in 2015 because he was sitting with a Stars/Dollhouse manager when Mandi applied at Stars, and Dahl brought her home and did coke and had sex with her.

And yet Madara's story, which she tells the prosecutor to get by calling Chris Dahl's lawyer, is that Mandi went to Chris Dahl's house to pick up something other than coke. Is there any chance if the prosecutors called Adam Reiss like Madara told them to, that he would say Mandi confessed to stopping by my client's house to get cocaine?

If you prefer to promote lies, because you like locking young girls in prison for 70 years based on lies, just admit that is who you are.

In her deposition and at trial, Madara elaborated that the robbery plan was motivated by knowing Mulrenin always had $13k in his pocket.

Madara also said this plan was formed with Chris Dahl because Mandi was living at Chris Dahl's house.

Madara said Mandi made the plan and went and got a job at Dollhouse that same night.
In her deposition and at trial, Madara elaborated that the drug Mandi used to incapacitate Mulrenin was butanediol "G" which was the same drug Mandi got arrested with in Georgia.

Madara told the same story that the prosecution tried to get all the witnesses to tell, that Mulrenin was shot while fleeing, meaning after they tied him up.
Madara said Mandi confessed to seeing Mulrenin hit his head on the balcony railing below.
Madara said it was impossible for her to have read these allegations in the newspaper, because they never got newspaper stories about fellow inmates in jail.
Madara said Mandi cried on her lap, and called her "Mama Jules".

In fact, Mandi does not perceive mother figures or older people as caring. She perceives older people as being the same age as her.

In fact, the story of a drug dealer forcing her and her boyfriend to rob people, was Madara's own story with her boyfriend Richard Warren. They were both arrested for burglary. At her sentencing hearing in Orange County Madara claimed a drug dealer in her neighborhood - e.g. Chris Dahl - forced her to rob people.

In fact, the witnesses who saw Mulrenin go over the balcony said it was not the result of a struggle. There is not even evidence of a struggle in the apartment, just a rug pulled up after Mulrenin already jumped, in a way that could not be caused by a struggle. Madara's story fits what they invented at Dollhouse on December 14th, and also was on TV nonstop.

In fact, Mandi did not first go to Dollhouse and apply for a job the night Mulrenin died as claimed by Madara and, coincidentally, by Detective Sprague and all prosecution witnesses prior to March, 2019. The first person to admit Mandi was already at Dollhouse a previous night was Barbara Mellinger more than two years after Mulrenin died. And cell tower records make it abundantly clear Mandi was at the strip clubs all week, contrary to the prosecution and Madara's narrative. (This was also claimed by Dollhouse valet parker Mark Gorewitz in a video interview on 12/28/2016.)

Madara said in deposition and at trial that Mandi confessed to knowing Mulrenin always carried $13k in his pocket. Of course this would be much easier to rob right on the sidewalk without such an elaborate plan. But $13,000 in rough bills collected as revenue in a strip club will stack two inches high and will not fit in a well-dressed man's pocket.

In fact, police found $13k in a boot box in Mulrenin's closet. But nobody could have known it was $13k until police counted it and wrote $13k in their police report after he was dead. It is likely not even Mulrenin himself knew that was $13k, as you would have to take it out of those bags and unbundle it to count it. Certainly there is no way for a stranger to know there is $13k in Mulrenin's closet, and Mandi would not form such an elaborate plan based on a rumor.

There are supposedly witnesses whose names are hidden, who saw Mulrenin go home with $2500. If that money outside the black bag is that $2500 he came home with, then there was not $13k in Mulrenin's box at the time Mandi supposedly planned the robbery.

The number 13 could not exist anywhere unless you read the police report. And Madara is very familiar with police reports in burglary cases and where to look!

Madara knew Mandi as someone who lived in Madara's neighborhood with Madara's old friend Chris Dahl when she planned the robbery. That is what Madara said Mandi confessed to.

But this was just old gossip from a year earlier. In fact Mandi lived with Jessica Reiche, 20 miles away from Chris Dahl, and had for months, at the time Mulrenin died. There is a police report from my house, when I threw all Mandi's furniture on my front lawn in the Spring of 2016. Madara's statements break before you can stretch them anywhere near the truth.
I didn't realize until 2022, the reason Mandi thinks G makes you stronger is because I told her it did. I got some papers from the Georgia prosecutor that said the stuff in Mandi's car was a legal substance called butanediol. I Googled it, and the only thing I could find is that it was an ingredient in bodybuilding supplements. Mandi immediately told the woman at the desk that the stuff in her car was a bodybuilding supplement and she wanted it back. We didn't realize Mandi was serious, because most adults know bodybuilding supplements and stuff at gas stations are scams.

I am a witness that Mandi Jackson uses the substance butanediol "G" for imagined sexual enhancement. I have provided the substance G to Mandi, and taken the substance G with Mandi and had sex with Mandi after taking the substance G. Mandi expects G to make guys rowdier and harder to handle, not to incapacitate them. A person becoming incapacitated has never been part of Mandi's experience or expectation with G. Butanediol G for the most part doesn't do much of anything. The idea of using it to incapacitate someone can only come from the imagination of someone who has no idea what she is talking about and invented it. Anybody who would accept this assertion, having no idea what it is about, is at best a gullible gossiper, but in this case evil.

I also found out in 2022, Mandi never heard of GHB other than being accused of having it, and doesn't know what it is. Nobody ever actually told Madara that G incapacitates anyone. They told Madara that Mandi had GHB. Madara then found out that Mandi was actually arrested with G.

Mandi's idea of what G is supposed to do is consistent with the very little scientific documentation of what users expect butanediol to do. A study which was limited to a small subset of people for whom G had any effect, much less a negative one, showed that even those users expected it to give them more energy. They took it primarily in the form of supplements named "NRG3", "InnerG", and "Thunder Nectar."

Not even prosecutor Stone actually believed that a 21-year-old female used G with the intention to incapacitate a 52-year-old male. Rather Stone assumed Mandi invented the story that the old man drugged the young girl with G, as would make much more sense to any sane person.

But of course there was an INCORRECT story in USA Today which everyone in the Dollhouse neighborhood including Madara, and probably also every juror read, which said Mandi possessed GHB. The story that Mandi drugged Mulrenin to take advantage of him, was invented at Dollhouse on the night of December 14th, by professional scammers who have their own trick where they get guys drunk and take their money in the strip club "private room."

According to a story based on legal documents from when Mulrenin was convicted of racketeering involving prostitution at Rachel's in 2001, it is actually Mulrenin who has experience with strippers using the drug GHB.

The story Madara told at trial of Mulrenin being shot while fleeing, is exactly the same as what Detective Sprague wrote in his police report in December 2016, more than a month before Madara claims Mandi confessed. This is the same story that was in the newspapers, on the same clerk website as Madara's cases, and in Mandi's paperwork in the jail with Madara.

Of course this story is impossible based on actual evidence that Mulrenin sat in the recliner and bled for at least a few minutes after he was shot, and the duct tape has blood consistent with Mulrenin's entry and exit wound.

Madara said Mandi witnessed Mulrenin hitting his head on the balcony below. But witnesses said Mulrenin was alone on the balcony when he fell.

The railing below was bent and Mulrenin's legs were snapped, but Mulrenin's head only had a cut on it and no fracture. If Mulrenin's head hit the railing five floors down, it would have fractured. More likely his head hit the wall below the railing.

All of this was documented in photographs and police reports, but none of it could have been witnessed by Mandi, or by anyone in Mulrenin's apartment, based on lines of sight. In fact Mandi had not even seen these photographs and police reports to know any of these details, at the time Madara claims she confessed.

Madara insists she could not have read any of these stories in the newspaper in jail, because they don't provide newspapers with stories about fellow inmates.

But Mandi was not transported to Seminole County jail until I believe December 22nd, 8 days after Mulrenin died and the police narrative was in the newspapers.

There are recordings of Madara talking on the phone about reading about other inmates in the newspaper.

And there is a recorded phone call where Mandi tells her mother she is reading stories about her case in the Seminole County jail.

It sounds like the conversation Madara described was with Kaylee Simmons, in February of 2017 before Kaylee could have met Mandi.

Kaylee was sexually abused as a child, and is used to playing the role of a victim, of a child. Mandi played the mother, telling me Kaylee had a hard life and needed a break on her sentence. Mandi tried to get me to send money to feed Kaylee's sister's kids. Madara said the person who cried on her lap and confessed was "Kaylee" multiple times at Mandi's trial, despite Madara previously claiming she and Kaylee never met.

At Madara's deposition, Madara quoted the girl in her confession as saying "I'm only 19 years old. I have my whole life ahead of me and I have this now." On September 21, 2016, when Kaylee was arrested, she was 19. When Kaylee supposedly met Madara right before Madara sent her letter to the prosecutor, Kaylee had just turned 20 a few days earlier, and Mandi had been 21 for 9 months. At Mandi's trial, Kaylee said "I've been my whole life in here." Though like many things, it is not in the transcript. It was around when she said "actually growing up, because, you know, I never got that chance. I never had an ID or anything." For contrast, Mandi never mentioned any concept of a future life different from and better than the present. Mandi thought she was always an adult.

Madara's previous victims are still so terrified of her, they have to have their addresses hidden before letting Madara out of prison.

Even so, State Attorney Phil Archer and Judge Jessica Recksiedler let Madara out of prison years early as a reward for telling lies to victimize another innocent person.