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On September 1, 2016, Chris Dahl supervised a hooker named Tiffany to make a false police report against someone named Barton. At the end of the investigation interviewing all parties, Christopher Deforest Dahl dob 7/5/1983 505 Mary Jess Road, Orlando, was arrested and charged with possession of marijuana from a safe in his bedroom, possession of drug paraphernalia, and possession with intent to distribute of meth.

The case become Orange County 2016-CF-011304-A-O UCN 482016CF011304000AOX.

On Tuesday December 6, 2016, Chris Dahl got a windfall and paid off an overdue traffic ticket.

On Wednesday December 7, 2016, Chris Dahl was seen visiting with Mandi May Jackson. I believe on this same day Wednesday December 7, 2016 Chris Dahl paid Orlando lawyer Adam Reiss a retainer, and Adam Reiss became his lawyer for his September 1 meth case, Orange County 2016-CF-011304-A-O UCN 482016CF011304000AOX.
Chris Dahl was at this time in a domestic arrangement with Dalindy Luckett, a bartender at Stars, the strip club managed as a single business with Dollhouse.

Around February 2017, Adam Reiss filed a motion to dismiss in Chris Dahl's case based on ambiguity in who had constructive possession of the drugs. The prosecution filed a new information charging just the misdemeanor paraphernalia, and Chris Dahl agreed to come back and sign a 1-year suspended sentence in March, 2017.

The last thing Mandi Jackson did before going to James Mulrenin's apartment on December 14, 2016 was pick up Mulrenin's cocaine from his partner Chris Dahl. Dahl's number was the last one called in Mandi's phone, and probably also in Mulrenin's burner phone. If Jackson told this story, Dahl could be arrested and his suspended sentence would become a real sentence.

On February 13th, 2017, while working for Chris Dahl on Orange County 2016-CF-011304-A-O, but before Dahl signed his suspended sentence, Adam Reiss made an unusual trip where he drove to Seminole County and met with Julie Madara who was housed in the Seminole County Jail with Mandi Jackson.

On March 1, 2017 while still working for Chris Dahl, Adam Reiss became Julie Madara's attorney also.

In March 2017, Chris Dahl signed his one-year suspended sentence in Orange County with Adam Reiss.

On March 10 and March 20, 2017, Julie Madara sent a letter to the Seminole County prosecutor claiming she had secret inside information on Mandi's case. She told them they could get the inside information from attorney Adam Reiss.

These letters were received by the Seminole prosecutor, but not disclosed to Mandi's lawyers until Dahl's suspended sentence suddenly ended seemingly six months early in September 2017.

After interviewing Julie Madara, the prosecution finally disclosed her allegations to Mandi's attorneys On September 28, 2017. Madara alleged that Adam Reiss's other client at the same time, Chris Dahl, conspired in a first degree felony murder. Chris Dahl was Reiss's client first, he was local to Adam Reiss in Orange County, and he was higher-paying than Julie Madara who never paid cash for a lawyer.

The prosecution finally disclosed Madara's allegations to Mandi's attorneys On September 28, 2017. Adam Reiss immediately filed a petition to seal Dahl's case in Orange County, to hide that he was both Dahl's and Madara's attorney at the time Madara came up with her story about Reiss's primary client at the time, Dahl.

Mandi's attorney Rentz stopped talking to Mandi and her parents, and had the court appoint her friend from up the street Russell McLatchey to advise Mandi what to do. But while Rentz and Bark were making secret arrangements with Reiss so that Rentz could stay on Mandi's case and keep her retainer, Rentz never told McLatchey or Mandi that Reiss was also Chris Dahl's attorney at the time Madara invented her story about Chris Dahl. Rentz also never told McLatchey or Mandi that Madara had a grudge against Rentz, and blamed Rentz for her recent sentence after Rentz did work in exchange for facials at a nail salon.

Everyone stayed quiet, and Mandi's case was put on hold for several months while they waited for Chris Dahl's case to seal in Orange County, without telling anyone that is what was going on.

Finally on January 10, 2018 Orange County agreed to seal Dahl's case and hide that Reiss was his attorney.

Mandi's attorneys arranged a secret deal with Reiss, and set it for a hearing on February 20.

Around February 10, 2018, Chris Dahl's case with Adam Reiss finally disappeared from the public record in Orange County.

On February 20, 2018, Mandi's attorneys showed up in court and accepted a bribe from Adam Reiss, in the form of a confidentiality waiver he got from Julie Madara which allowed Rentz to stay on the case and keep her retainer.

In exchange, they agreed to never tell anyone that Madara's gossip story came from a very crooked and sloppy scheme by Dahl's lawyer Reiss to use Julie Madara in advance of Dahl's suspended sentence agreement.

I complained to The Bar that this whole thing was crooked, and Mandi had been sedated in solitary without anyone being able to tell her what was going on. The Bar said nobody but the lawyers had any right to talk to Mandi, and the lawyers were fair to hide the facts from Mandi and from Judge Nelson and run a scam on the court.
The final unique part of Madara's story about Mandi, was that a drug dealer from Madara's neighborhood Chris Dahl set up the robbery against Scott's reluctance. In fact, Madara first told this story of a drug dealer in her neighborhood forcing her to reluctantly rob people in a 2015 sentence hearing.
Remember, Lead Detective Sprague claimed not to recognize the dog walker who let his murderer into the building. Never got his name, or talked to him, supposedly.

Sprague also claims to not recognize the name Chris Dahl, who their star witness told Sprague is the one who set up the murder.

In a rational world, the lead Detective would have looked up the name Chris Dahl immediately after Julie Madara said he set up the murder. And in a rational world, he would have immediately seen Chris Dahl's attorney was also Julie Madara's attorney, the attorney her letter said to contact to find out what Chris Dahl did.

In a rational world, Lead Detective Sprague would realize Mandi's attorney Rentz took a bribe to hide that Madara's story came from popular local attorney Adam Reiss. And in a rational world, Mandi's attorney Rentz would then keep quiet about Sprague and Athaide, and Rentz's local friend Smolarek, faking all the evidence.