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In "Athaides Notes.pdf" Jackson Athaide tells one of his many shameless lies, that Mandi was seen on video fleeing only when the sirens came, well after Mulrenin went over the balcony. The implication is that she was ransacking the apartment and then fled police.
Sprague also repeated this conscious and insidious lie.

Here is Mulrenin swiping through the gate in the police notes, compared to the gate swipe log.

The gate log says 4:22.

The police notes say 4:29.

This is Mulrenin talking on the phone after he parks.

AT&T phone records say 04:25:49 to 04:28:30.

The police notes say 04:34:19 to 04:34:26.

At 4:43 Mulrenin dictates a text to go meet Jackson at the curb.

Jackson's T-Mobile phone records say 04:43:02 incoming text 60 seconds.

The police notes say Mulrenin dictates text around 4:49:56.

At 4:29 Mulrenin enters southwest corner service elevator A on the first floor.

Gate log says 4:29:32.

The police notes say 4:36:15.

Subtracting seven minutes, Jackson ran out at 6:36, before the 911 call came in at 6:37.

Here is Athaide admitting he hid it from the defense and the jury.
This is Michelle Ervin, even the sales girl was in on it.
At Jackson's trial, Athaide showed the jury video which I still don't have a copy of, which I belive still showed Jackson leaving at 6:43.

The jurors immediately asked Athaide what time the 911 call came in. Athaide lied and said 6:30, and several jurors wrote the lie in their notes.

In presentations and closing arguments, the prosecution said Jackson ran out at 6:43.

Athaide also dropped a few more lies at Jackson's trial, that he wasn't sure if it was the video or the swipe log that was off, and he wasn't sure if it was all the cameras or just one.

This is one of the many instances where the transcript does not reproduce exactly what was said in court. It is a strange coincidence, the transcript usually gets spotty, in the exact spots I noted as important during the trial.
Here is prosecutor Stone lying about the time of the 911 call, the time of death, and the manner of death, in one breath in his closing argument.

This is from the 911 report. It is not clear if the call was actually dialed at 6:35, or if a phone's location is simply updated every five minutes for the purposes of the emergency response system.

If the call was picked up at 6:35:55 and the event wasn't created until 6:37:40, there is a good chance Denise Smith called 911 while Russell Songer was still telling Mulrenin not to jump as reported by Van Cleave and testified at trial. If Mulrenin had already jumped, would it take a minute and 45 seconds to create the event and another 27 seconds to dispatch it?

According to longtime building manager Michelle Ervin, Jackson parked on the opposite corner of the building and a floor down. Jackson has to cover a bit of ground in heels, to get from Mulrenin's apartment to where she is seen in the garage around 6:36. So she was not sticking around to ransack the apartment, as claimed by sick aggressive liars.