Sprague said they were arrested in the car. Murphy said they were arrested when they stepped out of the house. Either way, it does not explain every incriminating item in their car being placed into plain sight after they got out of the car.

This is one of several photographs taken right before Mandi's car was towed, that claims to show Mulrenin's credit cards "in plain sight" through the windshield. You can see how the cards are staged fanned out on the stick shift accordion. It is hard to stage cards like that, it takes two hands. You can also see how the passenger seat is too cluttered for anyone to have been sitting in it. And you can see the nitrous drug paraphernalia.
This is another angle that shows how the cards were staged fanned out on the stick shift accordion. You can also see the nitrous drug paraphernalia and the top of the wide open bag of weed on the sitting area of the driver's seat.
The car was towed on a flatbed.
This photo is from the car being searched after it was towed. The gold card slid onto the floor. That card was placed into plain sight on the stick shift accordion after the car was parked, but before it was towed.
This photo is from the car being searched after it was towed. There is an open bag of weed in the middle of the driver seat. Anybody sitting there would stash that. Anybody leaving the car would stow it or bring it in the house.
This is the burner wallet that was found tossed on the passenger seat containing Mulrenin's credit cards. Scott Love was not sitting on top of all that stuff. But it is also not credible that he placed those items in plain sight after he got out of the car.
The last place that gold card was seen, was going into that wallet on video at Walmart. Someone reached into the car, ransacked it, found the card in the wallet, tossed the wallet on the seat, and staged the cards in plain sight on the stick shift.
This is the back seat when the car was searched. Clearly nobody was sitting in the back seat.
You might expect there is an arrest report that could tell you whether they were arrested walking out of the house, or sitting in the car. There is. It says Mandi was arrested five miles away and an hour later, on Lake Underhill Road.
They are a little hesitant to say exactly where and when Scott was arrested!
Police are looking for the man seen wearing the "don't tread on me" sweatshirt on video at the Lofts.

Instead of going right into the suspect's rented room, Smolarek takes 11 pictures going around the rest of the house. When she finally gets to the suspect's room on the 12th picture, everything is thrown on the floor. Except the first thing she sees is the exact sweatshirt they are looking for, lying right in the middle of the bed.

You say police didn't stage that there. That is Love's favorite sweatshirt. He wears it everywhere, every day. And that is why it is front and center on the bed first thing you see, even after the sheets are pulled off.

I agree. And so I ask you: Would you wear your favorite sweatshirt, the one you look coolest in, the one you would wear clubbing and to your first day of school and on a blind date, if you planned an armed robbery? Hands up fella, turn over the money or I will dazzle you with how cool I look!

Especially any girls reading this, I know you have a favorite piece of clothing that you look best in. Is that what you would pick, when you got dressed to rob a bank?

If you aren't sure, keep in mind Scott ditched the straw hat and the cool sweatshirt, and instead wore a baseball cap and plain shirt, to use the credit cards at Walmart.

When Smolarek first walked in, that black dresser drawer was closed. So at this point she has already found the gun. But she doesn't photograph the gun when she first finds it. She wants to create a storyboard of approaching a drawer and finding a gun in it.

Smolarek specifically wants to create a storyboard of finding a gun hidden in clothes that could only belong to a girl. See how she stages the bra over the gun in the second picture. Even the clothes under the gun are rearranged. This photo sequence is not candid, it is NOT how the evidence was actually found. The entire sequence is staged to tell the story Smolarek wants to tell.

Notice how the gun casually thrown in a drawer by a sloppy criminal, has been polished so clean it is a perfect mirror. Mandi just threw it in there. But somehow there are no fingerprints or DNA on it, not even partials, not even on the bullets in the cylinder.

Somebody gripped that gun during a two-hour armed robbery. That is the prosecution's narrative, Scott held that gun for 79 minutes during a tense, violent, physical struggle at Mulrenin's apartment.

Somebody squeezed that trigger, somebody carried that gun, somebody had that gun in his stuff, somebody owned that gun, it is an old gun. But there is no trace of a human on it.

The one missing bullet tells a clear story. Except the shell is also missing. It is never found in a car and room that have not had any other piece of evidence thrown away, or even any trash thrown away, for weeks. Was the bullet shot, or removed to tell the story Smolarek wants to tell?

Dave Harris of the Orlando Sentinel wrote a story that the shell was found in Mulrenin's apartment. There is no shell in evidence. A correction has not been forthcoming.

At no stage did anyone ever believe that the truth was good enough to convict Mandi Jackson.